Monday, March 10, 2014

Rochester, NY Police Sgt. Allows Family Members to Play, and Pose for Photos with his Department Issued Firearm, Photos then Posted on Social Media

Rochester, NY Police Sgt. David DiFante's son and daughter
pose with his department issued firearm, holster, and taser
while innocent little girl looks on.
By Davy V.

Just hours after I exposed a photo which Rochester, NY Police Sgt. David DiFante's daughter posted on social media showing his official police cruiser, parked inside their home's garage, an anonymous person contacted me with two more disturbing photos.

As you can see in the third photo on the right, which seems to be from RPD Sgt. DiFante's son John DiFante's Facebook page, it appears that Sgt. DiFante took his son to a shooting range.

Photo comments
While there may be nothing wrong with a father taking his son to a shooting range, the photo shows that the target is a "Rochester, NY Police Department Silhouette Target", meaning that Rochester Police Sgt. David DiFante allowed his son to shoot at a range which is for law enforcement professionals, i.e.; Rochester Police officers.

Not their family members.

As you can see in the photo, a woman asks Sgt. DiFante's son "U did that? OMG."

John DiFante replies, "yes mam ;)", taking credit for firing the bullet holes seen in the RPD target.

It is unclear what firearm Sgt. DiFante's son John used, which brings us to the other photo that was sent to me.

This photo, (top) which according to the Facebook post, is from 2009, is the one I really find disturbing, for several reasons.
Rochester, NY Police "Silhouette Target"
which RPD Sgt. David DiFante's son fired at.

First, the obvious.

The photo shows Rochester Police Sgt. David DiFante's son wearing his father's RPD issued firearm, and holster, around his waist as he's poising with his sister, who is wearing Sgt. DiFante's RPD events vest, while holding what appears to be a handheld taser.

But let's get back to the firearm.

Why would Rochester, NY Police Sgt. David DiFante allow his son, a minor at the time the photo was taken, to handle, and pose with his official, Rochester Police issued firearm?

"U did that? OMG"... "
"yes mam:)"
Isn't it Rochester Police department policy that when not on duty, an officer must keep their firearm safely secured and locked away?

I mean certainly I'm sure RPD policy does not condone an officer allowing his children to play with and pose with a department issued firearm.

Or would they?

And was the gun loaded?

If you look closely at the photo, you will see a little girl who must be no more than perhaps 4 or 5 years old.

She is looking at Sgt. DiFante's son and daughter posing for the photo.

Rochester, NY Police Sgt.
David DiFante
If in fact the gun was loaded, I hate to imagine the danger that little girl could be in all because a trained Rochester, NY Police Sgt. irresponsibly allowed his children to pose with his gun.

Among the comments for this photo, Sgt. DiFante's son tells someone " nig I saw you today."

Rochester, NY Police Sgt. Dave DiFante's
police cruiser, parked inside his home's garage.


The individual then responds "lol heard you beat some fat ass nd kid."

Sgt. DiFante's son replies, " hell yeah".

So let's recap.

Not only does Rochester, NY Police Sgt. David DiFante misuse hard earned taxpayer dollars, driving his vehicle home, then trying to draw less attention by parking it inside his home's garage, but he also allows his kids, including his, son to handle, wear, and pose for photos with his department issued firearm, just a few feet away from an innocent little girl.

Of course, I'm sure the Rochester, NY Police department, including the new chief, Michael Ciminelli, will sweep this under the rug and downplay it.

Update: On Monday I was contacted by Rochester, NY Police Sgt. Kavanaugh of the department's Professional Standards Section (PSS).

We spoke for over a half hour, and Sgt. Kavanaugh, who was very professional and courteous,  told me that they are conducting an investigation into Sgt. DiFante's actions.

Click link below to read how Rochester, NY Police Sgt. David DiFante's Son Posts Disturbing Racist Comments on Social Media

Rochester, NY Police Lieutenant Aaron Springer treads lightly when I ask him about Sgt. David Difante

Update: I placed a call to Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminelli. I spoke with Karen, his secretary and told her I would like for the Chief to explain to me the RPD's policy when it comes to off-duty posession, handling, and overall safekeeping of department issued firearms.

Karen said she would give the Chief the message and that he or one of his aides would get back to me.

Note: While there's been a lot of talk and debate over the use of photos which people post on social media sites, i.e.; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. it's really quite simple.

You don't have any reasonable expectation of privacy in photos or statements made on the Web.  

It's a bit like posting a lost dog poster in a coffee shop or posting a 'For Sale' sign at a laundromat, or even putting out your photos on the coffee table.

You give up your right to claim intrusion when you invite public people to see them. 

And, posting photos like the ones above, which were posted on Facebook under 'Public' settings, is inviting well, the public, to see them.

And share them.

Simply put... If you don't want your photos getting out in the public domain... Don't put them out there for the world to see.

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