Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rochester, NY Police Sgt. David DiFante's Son's, Disturbing, Racist Comments on Social Media; "Fuck you towelheads..."

An RPD Cop in the Making?
John DiFante
By Davy V.

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I don't know Rochester, NY Police Sgt. David DiFante personally.

Other than a disturbing photo I exposed, that his daughter took then posted to social media, showing Sgt. DiFante's Rochester Police cruiser parked inside his home's garage, hidden out of view, in order not to draw attention to the fact that taxpayers are paying for Sgt. DiFante's daily commute from his home in Batavia, NY to Rochester, then back to Batavia, I don't really know Sgt. DiFante.

Then there was the other photo I exposed, which shows his son John DiFante, posing for a photo near a swimming pool, wearing his fathers Rochester Police department issued firearm, holster, and police radio, while a little girl looks on in the background.

John DiFante's racist post and thread...
'just finished celebrating the death of osama binladin, thats right
fuck you towelheads."
Again, I don't really know Rochester Police Sgt. DiFante.

All I know is that Sgt. DiFante seems to have a blatant disregard for Rochester taxpayers, and a very irresponsible, reckless behavior, allowing his kids to handle, possess, and pose with a department issued firearm, possibly putting an innocent little girl's life at risk.

Well, if Rochester, NY Police Sgt. David DiFante's son, John DiFante, who is in the military, ever decides to follow in his dad's footsteps, and become a police officer, a disturbing racist comment he posted on Facebook, followed by a thread of comments by him and at least two other individuals, shows just what kind of police officer he will be.

"Rochester, NY Police Sgt. David DiFante's son and daughter
pose with his department issued firearm, holster, and taser
while innocent little girl looks on.
The comment, which was sent to me by the same anonymous person who sent me the photos of Sgt. DiFante's RPD cruiser parked in his garage, as well as the photo of the younger DiFante posing with his dad's RPD issued firearm, seems to have been posted after Osama Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan by U.S. forces.

As you can see in the photo to the right, John DiFante writes; "just finished celebrating the death of osama binladin, thats right fuck you towelheads."

Rochester, NY Police Sgt.
David DiFante's cruiser
hidden in his home's garage.
Below the comment by John DiFante, an individual named Matt Clor, whose profile photo shows him dresses in a U.S. military uniform comments; "Fucking hate towel heads!!!"

John DiFante then writes; "yeaaa buddy"

Then another individual name Jacob Thomas Bell writes; "Sand Niggers aren't real people.

In another photo I exposed (link below) Sgt. DiFante's son seems to
also have bullied another kid in school.

An individual posts the following comment: "lol heard you beat some fat ass nd kid."

Sgt. DiFante's son replies, " hell yeah".

Not only are the comments racist and disturbing, but when one steps back and looks at how Rochester, NY Police Sgt. David DiFante displayed extremely poor judgement by carelessly and recklessly allowing his son to play with, possess, and pose with his firearm, then when one looks at the amount of racist hatred that his son harbors, one has to wonder where he learned it.

Rochester, NY Police Sgt.
David DiFante.

Update: On Monday I was contacted by Rochester, NY Police
Sgt. Kavanaugh of the department's Professional Standards Section (PSS).

We spoke for over a half hour, and Sgt. Kavanaugh, who was very professional and courteous,  told me that they are conducting an investigation into Sgt. DiFante's actions.

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Note: While there's been a lot of talk and debate over the use of photos which people post on social media sites, i.e.; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. it's really quite simple.

You don't have any reasonable expectation of privacy in photos or statements made on the Web.  

It's a bit like posting a lost dog poster in a coffee shop or posting a 'For Sale' sign at a laundromat, or even putting out your photos on the coffee table.

You give up your right to claim intrusion when you invite public people to see them. 

And, posting photos like the ones above, which were posted on Facebook under 'Public' settings, is inviting well, the public, to see them.

And share them.

Simply put... If you don't want your photos getting out in the public domain... Don't put them out there for the world to see.