Friday, March 7, 2014

Woman Donates Photos of Rochester, NY Police officer, Bullet Casing

Photo of Rochester, NY Police officer
Eric Ferguson, along with bullet casing,
and card, donated by anonymous woman.
By Davy V.

I've seen and covered some pretty strange and disturbing incidents involving the Rochester, NY Police department, but this one may be one of the most bizarre.

Employees at a Goodwill store in Victor, NY, just outside of Rochester, made a baffling discovery while sorting through donated goods Wednesday afternoon.

An anonymous woman donated clothes, housewares, and a box.
Photos of Rochester, NY Police officer
Eric Ferguson, including his U.S. Marine photo,
bullet casing, donated by anonymous woman.

But it's what was inside that box that left the Goodwill employees puzzled.

The box contained several photos of Rochester, NY Police officer Eric Ferguson, including photos of Ferguson as a U.S. Marine.

Inside the box were also several condolences cards.

One of those cards was signed by Rochester, NY Police investigator Glen Hoff.

As you can see in the photo on the right, the card, made out to "Eric", expresses condolences for the passing of his father.

But it's not so much the condolences cards by themselves that as the employee said "creeped them out", it's what they found in a small yellow envelope.

A .38 caliber bullet casing.
"Smith & Wesson" .38 Caliber Bullet Casing
and Envelope.

Affixed to the envelope, a white identification label with the words "Smith & Wesson Springfield, Massachussetts 12-08-05"

The Goodwill employee, who asked to remain anonymous, told me that a woman donated the photos and bullet casing, along with the clothes and houseware items.

The employee said the woman who dropped the goods off didn't even wait for a receipt.

Eric Ferguson Photos in
U.S. Marine, RPD uniforms.
"We usually give people a receipt for tax write-off if they want one, but she said she didn't want one."

A search of the City of Rochester, NY payroll shows that officer Eric Ferguson is currently employed as a technician by the Rochester for the Rochester Police department.

Many questions surround this donation made by a mystery woman.

Why would someone donate photos of Rochester Police officer Eric Ferguson, along with condolence cards, and a bullet casing?

Why would some anonymous woman donate photos which are considered keepakes?

What is the connection, if any, between Rochester Police officer Eric Ferguson and the bullet casing?

Was the woman trying to send a message of some sort, by making the anonymous donation?
2011 Photo of Rochester, NY
Police officer Eric Ferguson.

Who is this woman?

And speaking of that bullet casing, the Goodwill employee told me another employee took it home and is going to put it on a necklace, to wear.

As for the photos, the employee said they were thrown in the garbage.

So there you have it, photos of a Rochester cop, condolences cards, a bullet casing, and an anonymous female donor.

Sounds like the plot for some CSI show.


Just another day in Rochester, NY.

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