Friday, June 20, 2014

East Rochester, NY Police officer Brian Hotchkiss, Badge Number 916; "Give that video to Davy Vara, he would love to put it on his website."

East Rochester, NY Police officer
Brian Hotchkiss.
By Davy V.

Kyle Sherman knows his rights.

But most importantly, he isn't afraid to exercise them.

Specifically his right to record, a right protected under the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

And that's exactly what Kyle did Thursday night, when two East Rochester, NY Police officers showed up to his home.

Like I always tell people, ALWAYS record ANY interaction with law enforcement.


Kyle did.

Now I must admit, you won't see any outrageous, abusive, or rogue behavior on the part of the East Rochester, NY cops.

In fact, you won't particularly see anything which you may deem as wrong, or inappropriate.

But that's exactly why I applaud Kyle,

You see, it's a proven fact, that for the most part, a police officer will 'behave', if he or she knows they, and their actions are being recorded.

You will however, see a very unprofessional East Rochester cop named Brian Hotchkiss, badge number 916.

You'll also see a few interesting things in the video.

Things you can, and should take with you, and implement them in your every day life, should you, or a loved one ever have the unfortunate, and uncomfortable experience of having armed officials, asking you questions.

The video shows East Rochester, NY Police officer Brian Hotchkiss, and his partner, walking up to Kyle Sherman, who had gone outside to sit down and cool off after a verbal argument with his girlfriend.

The right thing to do.

Officer Hotchkiss is then heard asking Kyle a series of questions, including "Why are we here?"

"Why are we here?"

Gee, I don't know officer, why are you here?

Classic Keystone cop.

Hotchkiss then asks Kyle for his I.D.

Kyle complies, and asks officer Hotchkiss for his I.D. back, which Hotchkiss refuses to return to him.

Kyle then asks Hotchkiss if he is being detained, to which Hotchkiss replies, "No."

A law enforcement officer can not legally detain someone unless he or she has reasonable suspicion that the person either committed a crime, is committing a crime, or is about to commit a crime.

And East Rochester, NY Police officer Brian Hotchkiss knew that.

Which is why he eventually walks away.

But not before he mocks Kyle video recording the entire incident.

"You want some light for that video?", officer Hotchkiss asks Kyle.

When Kyle tells Hotchkiss that he doesn't need a light, Hotchkiss continues his sarcasm asking the young man, "You sure?", adding, "I want your video to come out real nice."

Then, in a well known law enforcement intimidation tactic commonly used on citizens who excercise their first amendment right to record, East Rochester, NY Police officer Brian Hotchkiss tries to blind Kyle Sherman, by shining his flashlight directly in his face, and at the same time attempting to prevent Kyle from video recording.

By the way, as for Kyle's girlfriend, she's ok.

It was nothing more than a verbal disagreement, and a nosy neighbor.

"I'm definitely not dead," Kyle's girlfriend, Brittney.

"Someone called the cops for loudness, which at that point there was not even any arguing going on."

"I was at the gas station when this happened."

But perhaps one of the most interesting parts of the video comes at the 4:41 mark, when East Rochester, NY Police officer Brian Hotchkiss, clearly disliking the fact that Kyle is recording the entire interaction, tells Kyle, "Give that video to Davy Vara, he would ove to put it on his website."

Officer Hotchkiss, actually, now that you mention it, yes, I would like to put it on my website.

But before I do, I'd like to personally thank you.

You see, officer Hotchkiss, not only did you try to play a young man who knew his rights, a young man who has followed my advice of recording ANY interaction with law enforcement, which he did, but the fact sir, that you would go out of your way to think of me, to the point of giving me a 'shout out', on video, is well... PRICELESS.

So, thank you East Rochester, NY Police officer Brian Hotchkiss, badge number 916.

Here's the video.

Click Play below to watch video.


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