Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Irondequoit, NY Police Department Will Do Anything In Order to Meet Monthly Ticket Quota... Even Performing Armed Threesomes!

By Davy V.

Ask any cop if their department has a ticket quota and he if she will flat out deny it.

Take for example a recent video I made when I went through a New York State Police checkpoint, which looked more like a manhunt for a serial killer.

"No quotas here," replies the NYS trooper, when I made a comment about him and his fellow roadside pirates (nearly 12 of them) being out in full force.

His answer didn't surprise me.

In fact you'll be hard pressed to find a cop who'll admit that there is such a thing as a monthly ticket quota.

But there is.

And boy do cops go out of their way to meet it every month.

Take, for example, the Irondequoit, NY Police department.

As you can see in the photo below, three Irondequoit, NY cops stopped three unsuspecting taxpayers on Monday afternoon on Empire Blvd.


Irondequoit, NY Police Threesome.

Photo by Davy V.

By the way, I assure you that it was no coincidence that the three-way stop or as I like to call it, armed threesome stop (after all they are money hungry whores) took place on what just happened to be the last day of the month.

Hey, even whores gotta meet their quotas!

Click Play to watch my video of New York State Police roadside pirates.

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