Tuesday, June 10, 2014

VIDEO: San Diego, California Cops Illegally Detain Father, his Baby, and Puppy, Threaten to Arrest Him, Violate his Fourth Amendment Rights

San Diego Police officer forces man to remain sitting 
in hot California sun with his baby.
By Davy V.

A disturbing YouTube video posted Friday, shows San Diego, California Police officers illegally detaining a father, and his baby girl, not because they have reasonable suspicion that he has either committed a crime, is committing a crime or is about to commit a crime, (all necessary thresholds a law enforcement officer needs to legally detain someone), but instead because he has a small puppy on the beach.

Perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that a female SDPD officer, is seen standing behind Rafael Bautista, a California real estate agent, forcing him to remain sitting,while holding his little girl in the hot California sun, threatening to arrest him, if he gets up.

San Diego Police officer assaults
Rafael Bautista, pushing him down,
threatening him with arrest.
In fact, at one point in the video (part 1), the female officer physically prevents Bautista from getting up, putting her hand on Bautista's back, pushing him down.

Another SDPD officer then tells Bautista that he has committed a crime, and that if he doesn't provide I.D., he will be arrested.

The video then shows that same officer searching through Rafael Bautista's baby stroller, illegally searching through his personal belongings, including his wallet.

SDPD claims that the incident began because Bautista brought a dog on the beach, where no pets are allowed.

That's a violation.

Not a crime.

Certainly not probable cause, or reasonable suspicion that a real crime has been, is being, or is about to be committed.

Rafael Bautista's dog

The video is especially disturbing, and has many calling it an example of the SDPD being racist and engaging in racial profiling.

Rafael Bautista is Latino.

SDPD officer illegally searching
through baby stroller.
As a Cuban-American, whose parents fled Cuba's totalitarian police state, and G-2 Police officers, who are well known for stopping, detaining, illegally searching, and incarcerating innocent citizens, nothing disgusts me more than two see U.S. law enforcement engaging in the same sort of behavior.

Note: Not only was Rafael Bautista smart to record the interaction with these San Diego cops, but he also asked questions.

Very smart.

Most importantly, Rafael Bautista remained calm, something I ALWAYS recommend.


San Diego's Finest
Protecting, Serving...

And... Illegally Searching.

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