Monday, June 9, 2014

Former Miami Beach Cop Derick Kulian Found Guilty After Driving his Police ATV Drunk, and Running Over Two People

Miami Beach Police officer Derrick Kulian,
after running over two people on South Beach,
bloodshot eyes, water and sand on uniform.
By Davy V.

As many cops do, Miami Beach, Florida Police officer Derrick Kulian thought he was above the law on July 4, 2011.
Kulian hit up The Clevelander Hotel's bar in South Beach, and got drunk, as he and bus partner posed for photos with young women attending a bachelorette party.

A drunk Miami Beach Police officer Derrick Kulian then decided to take the bachelorette, 27-year old Adelee Sharie Martin, on an early morning joyride, on the back of his police ATV, on the sand, along the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

Moments later, officer Kulian ran over 29-year old Luis Almonte, of North Miami, and 28-year old Kitzie Nicantor, of Washingon State.
Both Almonte and Nicantor suffered serious injuries.

Almonte underwent surgery, requiring a titanium rod in his right leg, as well as clamps in his hip.

Nicantor, who suffered permanent brain injury, lost her spleen, and has undergone several surgeries, and has metal plates in her leg.

“She can’t remember things. She has uncontrollable emotions, she can’t work,” prosecutor David Gilbert told jurors.

At the trial, a toxicologist testified that officer Derrick Kuilan’s blood alcohol content (B.A.C.) was .088 five hours after the collision. 

Miami Beach Police officer Derrick Kulian, (right)
and partner, pose with bachelorette and friends.
Another Miami toxicologist estimated that at the time of the crash Derrick Kuilan's B.A.C. was .155, nearly twice the legal limit.

“They’re flying! It’s hang-on-tight time,” prosecutor David Gilbert told the jury. 
"He tells her to hang on tight and he hits the accelerator.”
Gilbert said that officer Kulian was driving his ATV "in the pitch black."
"You have two witnesses who said his lights were not on.”
Officer Derrick Kulian was terminated by the MBPD after the crash.
During the trial, Kulian's defense attorney argued that blood samples were not properly handled.
Unfortunately, jurors must have bought the defense argument.
Monday afternoon, after almost three hours of deliberation, a Miami jury found former MBPD officer Kulian guilty of two counts of reckless driving, but acquitted him of DUI.
Immediately after the verdict, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Marisa Tinkler Mendez ordered Derrick Kuilan, be taken into custody.
Kulian was fingerprinted and sent to jail.

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He faces up to 5 years in prison when he's sentenced.
5 years for almost killing two innocent people enjoying a walk on the beach.

The Clevelander, Ocean Drive, South Beach

Miami Beach Police officer Derrick Kulian's ATV

Miami Beach Police officer Derrick Kulian's two way radio microphone on sand.

Former Miami Beach Police officer Derrick Kulian
being led to jail.

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