Friday, July 4, 2014

New York State Troopers Caught on Video Beating, Tasering Youth at 4th of July Celebration

New York State trooper gets ready to punch youth
in the back of the head a second time, while another
trooper deploys taser.
By Davy V.

A disturbing video recorded by a quick thinking Penfield, NY man shows a New York State trooper punching an unconscious young man in the back of the head, while a second NYS trooper tasers him.

The incident occurred Friday night at the July 4th fireworks held at Penfield High School, in Penfield, New York, a suburb of Rochester, NY.

According to the man who recorded the video, who asked me to only publish his first name, 'Mikey', for fear of retaliation by police, the incident began when several NYS troopers, left their bikes unattended in the school's field, and a young man took one of the bikes for a small joyride through the field.

"The kid grabbed one of the bikes, I don't even know if he knew they belonged to the troopers, because they're unmarked, and he just took it for a ride," Mikey told me via a phone interview.

Mikey says that the beating actually started a few seconds before he started recording.

"A bystander tackled the kid, then the cops jumped on him and the trooper that you see in the video punching him in the back of the head, well that was actually the second punch."

Mikey told me that the first punch to the back of the youth's head, knocked him unconscious.

"Pay attention to the kids arm in the video," said Mikey.

"It's limp, he was already unconscious when the cop punched him in the back of the head a second time, and the other trooper tasered him."

"The kid was not resisting, he was unconscious, they beat him for no reason."

In the video, which plays out to the 1980's Journey song 'Separate Ways', one of the troopers can be heard telling the unconscious youth, "You stole my bike?"

A young even security worker is seen in the video telling witnesses to the beating, "Leave, leave, leave, go, you gotta leave."

The NYS trooper who punched the youth in the back of the head then looks at Mikey, realizing their actions have been video recorded.

Then in classic police 'There is nothing to see here keep it moving'  style, the trooper is then seen walking up to onlookers threatening to arrest them if they don't leave.

"This is a flagged area, you're gonna leave or I'm going to arrest you," the trooper says.

According to Mikey, the youth was carried to a New York State Police cruiser and taken away.

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