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Cops Lie. Record Everything; Miami Police officer Anderson, Badge #16101

Miami Police officer Anderson, badge # 16101

By Davy V.

Like I always say.

Cops Lie. Record Everything.

A perfect example of why I always encourage people to video record EACH AND EVERY interaction with police, occurred recently during a trip to Miami, Florida, when me and my family were eating dinner at Casola's Pizzeria on SW 17th Avenue in Miami, with a close friend and her children.

As we were ordering, I noticed a Miami Police officer hanging out inside the pizzeria.

Not thinking anything of it at first, other than just another cop killing time inside an air conditioned business to get away from the South Florida heat, I enjoyed some quality time with my friend and our children.

After dinner, as we were walking to our vehicles, I couldn't help but notice the same Miami Police officer a couple of hundred feet away in the parking lot behind the pizzeria.

I made a comment to my friend about law enforcement and government officials misusing taxpayer dollars by hanging out at businesses such as restaurants.

Me and my friend both looked over at the Miami Police officer, who was approximately 150 feet away, and I shook my head.

Well, unbeknownst to me, as I would soon find out, the officer must have been watching us from a distance, even though at no time did we come close to him.

As I said goodbye to my friend, and got into my car, I noticed that the Miami Police officer had exited his cruiser and was standing next to it, staring over at me and my vehicle.

And that's when I pressed record.

"What did you say to me when you walked by?", Miami Police officer Anderson, badge #16101, asked me as I was pulling out of the restaurant parking lot.

Then, just a few seconds later, officer Anderson lies, saying that he never asked me a question, when he did.


Obviously Miami Police officer Anderson didn't realize that the camera had recorded him asking me what I had said about him, which was none of his business in the first place.

Then, once he saw that I was video recording, he knew he couldn't admit, on video, that he had in fact gone out of his way to ask me what I had said about him in a private conversation I was having with my friend, so he did what comes naturally to law enforcement officers... HE LIED.

Which is why I always say... COPS LIE. RECORD EVERYTHING.

Miami-Dade Police officer Dario Socarras
tonguing his girlfriend at Dadeland Mall.
When it comes to Miami and South Florida Police officers misusing taxpayer dollars, it's nothing new.

In fact, in 2010, the Miami-Dade Police internal affairs Department began an internal investigation into several officers, including a Mami-Dade Police Sergeant and two officers, who were caught on camera ignoring emergency calls.

All three were later fired, in what was called one of the worst incidents of delinquency in Miami-Dade Police department's history, which included officers failure to respond to emergency calls, pretending that they were on actual calls when they weren't and falsifying police records.

One of those officers, Dario Socarras, ignored 911 armed robbery and residential burglary calls, so that he could meet with his girlfriend in the parking lot of Dadeland Mall.

Undercover video surveillance footage captures Miami-Dade Police officer Dario Socarras making out with his girlfriend outside the mall.

From left to right, 
officers Socarras, Huertas, 
and Sgt. Gonzalez drinking coffee.
Surveillance video also captured Miami-Dade Police Sergeant Jennifer Gonzalez shopping at a Miami Target store when she should have been working.

In one incident, a Target employee is seen on video helping Sgt. Gonzalez load items into her police cruiser.

Investigators also found that Sgt. Gonzalez would spend hours visiting her parents, while she was on the clock.

In other words, on taxpayers' dime.

Miami-Dade Police Sgt. Jennifer Gonzalez
pushes a shopping cart out of Target store. 

In another incident, Miami-Dade Police officer Jose Huerta failed to immediately respond to a 911 call where a 5-year old child was locked inside a car.

Officer Huerta would regularly lie by claiming he was tied up on a call, when in reality, he was free and able to respond.

In what was perhaps the most disturbing incident involving Sgt. Gonzalez, and both officers Socarras and Huerta, a 
911 call came in for a 5-month old infant who was unconscious.

Officer Socarrias was dispatched, and he told the 911 dispatcher that he was "en route."

Miami-Dade Police officer Jose Huerta
drinking coffee, ignoring 911 call
for child locked inside vehicle.

He lied.

Officer Socarras wasn't en route.

He was having coffee with his supervisor, Sgt. Gonzalez and officer Huerta.

And it was all caught on surveillance video.

When that call for an unconscious infant came in, Miami-Dade police officer Dario Socarras never budged.

Click Play to watch video of Miami Police officer Anderson badge #16101 caught lying.

Click Play below to watch surveillance video of Miami-Dade Police officers.

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