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A Hypocritical Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren Cancels Protest Denouncing Ferguson Grand Jury Decision After Her Own Police ForceDemands That She Resign In Wake of Social Media Comments


                                         Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren

By Davy V.

Fearing a political backlash from an online petition backed by members of her own police force calling for her resignation, Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren decided to cancel a protest rally denouncing the Ferguson, Missouri grand jury's decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson, in the shooting death of teen Michael Brown.
Warren's decision to cancel the protest rally, which she herself called for and organized, along with Rochester City Councilman Adam McFadden, stems from the following comment which she posted to social media:
"I know that many members of our community are upset about the decision today in Ferguson. I am too. As I was thinking about how to respond, I went back to how the situation started. With a young, unarmed black man and an authority figure who had little regard for this young man's life."
"Like we did in the Trayvon Martin case, we will support a community event where we can come together peacefully and in solidarity for the life lost, and for what's right."
It didn't take long after Warren posted that comment on her facebook page, for Steve Pierson, the father of Rochester Police officer Darryl Pierson, who was shot and killed on September 3rd, while conducting a traffic stop, to publicly slam the mayor, in the following Facebook post:
"Mayor Warren, I know you have the right to freedom of speech but you are a Mayor in a city with a high crime rate for its size and you call for a peaceful demonstration. Do expect to have a peaceful march, maybe but you are elected by the people to represent the people of Rochester, NY so why would you want to form a march and protest, that is not representing the people of Rochester that is not only representing your personal opinion, you did not call for a march when my son was murdered in the line of duty, you said he was doing his job. In my opinion you should be impeached for not representing all the people."
Officer Pierson's brother, and sisters also took to Facebook to denounce Mayor Warren's post.
"How can you stand at my brother's service and be allowed to speak and read some poem. Now you want to say how you are upset about how a jury of Darren Wilson's peers chose not to indict him," Brett Pierson posted.
On Tuesday, Patty and Julie Pierson called for Mayor Warren's resignation, referring to Mayor Warren's comments as "appalling" and "disgraceful".
"To me personally, you're in an office. So yes, you have a right to your opinion, but if you cannot uphold what it best for the entire community as a whole, you should not be in an office," said Patty Pierson, adding, "I don't think Mayor Warren was representing the community as a whole. By her posts and comments on social media, she segregated the community."
Personally, I'm not at all surprised at Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren's cowardice.
To give in to pressure from a corrupt police force as the Rochester Police Department is, shows what a coward Lovely Warren is.
But what can you expect from an individual who immediately labeled a slain RPD cop a "Hero", despite Rochester Police officer Darryl Pierson having a history of being a rogue, abusive cop.
(Stay tuned for my upcoming piece on Rochester Police officer Darryl Pierson.)
You see what many naive, gullible African-Americans and Latinos in Rochester don't realize is that Lovely Warren is not only a coward, but hypocrite as well.
Ever since she was elected to Rochester, City Council in 2007, I have publicly called out Lovely Warren for her refusal to speak out against, or in any way denounce, the Rochester, NY Police department racially profiling, harassing, abusing, and in some cases even murdering minorities, especially African-Americans like herself.
For the three years that Lovely Warren served on Rochester City Council she has repeatedly and consistently ignored a deeply disturbing, well established pattern of racial profiling, and civil rights violations on the part of the Rochester Police Department.
In 2010, when she was elected as Rochester City Council President, Lovely Warren continued business as usual by turning a blind eye to the Rochester Police Department's systemic pattern and practice of misconduct and corruption.
Lovely Warren has a track record of ignoring injustices and atrocities committed by members of the Rochester Police Department.
As Rochester City Council President Lovely Warren has remained silent and has done nothing when it comes to the 50-plus year call for a real civilian review board (CRB), with subpoena power to investigate incidents of abuse and misconduct by Rochester Police officers.
Lovely Warren has NEVER attended a rally, march, or protest calling for a stop to police abuse at the hands of Rochester Police officers.
When Israel "Izzy" Andino, a mentally ill young man was executed by 7 Rochester cops, Lovely Warren didn't say a word.
She didn't do anything.
Which is why it's ironic that she would call for a protest denouncing the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, 800-plus miles away from Rochester.
When Benny Warr, a disabled, one-legged amputee was pepper sprayed, thrown off his motorized scooter, and beaten by Rochester cops, all because he was waiting for a bus, and tried to tell the RPD cops that, when they insisted that he move, Lovely Warren didn't say a word.
She didn't do anything.
When Brenda Hardaway, an African-American  pregnant woman was driven into a wooden porch-railing post, punched in the head, and thrown to the ground, by a racist white RPD cop, Lovely Warren didn't say a word.
She didn't do anything.
Which is why it's ironic that she would call for a protest denouncing the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, 800-plus miles away from Rochester.
I am disgusted by yet another white cop murdering a black teen, and getting away with it.
For Mayor Lovely Warren to even think about holding a march in my hometown denouncing a disgusting incident that occurred 800 miles away, when she has NEVER held a protest, let alone said a word, about all the innocent minorities executed by trigger-happy, racist Rochester, NY cops, in her own hometown, is disgusting.
Lovely Warren is a two-faced hypocrite.
Her history of remaining silent and refusing to do anything when it comes to the out of control, corrupt Rochester, NY Police Department speaks for itself.
For Lovely Warren to call for a protest march denouncing the senseless killing of Michael Brown by Darren Wilson, a racist white cop with ties to the KKK, is an insult not only to Michael Brown's memory, as well as the memory of every single African-American and Latino gunned down by white prejudiced and racist trigger-happy cops.
Especially all the innocent minorities who have been murdered by trigger-happy cops in Rochester, NY.

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