Friday, January 16, 2015

Brighton, NY Police officer Mike Romach Thinks That Me Exercising My Right to Free Speech is Threatening.

By Davy V.

Last May I wrote about Brighton, NY Police officer Mike Romach saving the lives of a mother and daughter who were inside a burning home.

Rochester's lame stream news media did a 5 second report of the fire but failed to give credit where credit was due.

And that was Brighton, NY Police officers Mike Romach and Brad Steve.

So I made sure to highlight these officer's life saving actions.

The story received great response from my readers and was a refreshing, welcome change to the usual stories we see every day of rogue, dirty cops abusing their authority.

Fast forward to tonight.

I walk into a 7 eleven store where Brighton, NY Police officer Mike Romach loves to hang out at, and sure enough, there's officer Romach.

Hanging out.

Shooting the shit with the store clerk.

I walk up to officer Romach, extend my handshake to him and wish him a happy new year.

Officer Romach reluctantly meets my hand with his and gives me a very dirty look accompanied by a curled upper lip frown.

Pure disdain.

And disgust.

And here's why.

Officer Romach's best friend was fellow East Rochester, NY native and Rochester Police officer Daryl Pierson.

Officer Pierson was shot and killed on September 3, 2014.

And immediately, Rochester's lame stream news media, the same news media who just four months earlier ignored Brighton Police officer Mike Romach's heroic life saving actions with that house fire, made Pierson an instant hero.

Knowing nothing about Pierson, or his corrupt RPD tactical unit goons, Rochester's lame stream news media, was so interested in exploiting and sensationalizing a cop's death, that they basically made him into a martyr who as they said, gave his life trying to make Rochester, NY a safer city.

And I called bullshit.

In several pieces I questioned this cop being made a saint.

And just recently I exposed a very dirty secret.

That officer Pierson's commander, Rochester Police Lt. Eric Paul is banging Pierson's widow.

And I wrote about how members of the RPD were so heated when they found out that officials recommended to Lt. Eric Paul that it was in his best interest to take an early retirement.

For his own safety.

And as Brighton Police officer Mike Romach gave me that dirty look, I realized he's not too happy with me.

And it's pretty obvious why.

His feelings are hurt.

So I tried to talk to him.

Not because I care what he or any other coo thinks of me, because I don't.

But because as a man, I'm all about 'clearing the air.'

I don't do dirty looks.

Or frowns.

And I'm not Billy Idol, so I don't curl my top lip up either.

So I told officer Romach that I knew he wasn't happy with the things I had written.

And I told him that frankly, I didn't care.

Just like he, the Brighton Police department, the Rochester Police department, and Monroe County, NY District Attorney Sandra Doorley didn't care when an ex-con turned confidential informant threatened to murder and decapitate my 5-year old daughter and put her head on the roof of my car.

And I told him that.

Everything I just wrote, I told to officer Romach.

His response?

"That had nothing to do with me."


I told him that as a father himself he should be ashamed of his response.

Then officer Romach did one of the most cowardly things that cops do when they can't stand a citizen standing up to them.

"Are you threatening me?," officer Romach asked me.

No officer Romach.

I would never threaten you.

That's not me.

It's called free speech.

Officer Romach, I'm not afraid to exercise my right as a taxpayer and to express my disappointment in you and your profession sir.

And I'm not intimidated by you falsely accusing me of threatening you either.

Those well known police intimidation and scare tactics don't work on me sir.

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