Friday, January 23, 2015

Sacramento County, California Sheriff's Deputy Who Illegally Parked in Handicap Parking Space; "We're Allowed to Get Breaks."

By Davy V.

What do you do if you're a law enforcement officer who has just been busted on video abusing your authority by illegally parking in a handicap parking space, and a taxpayer, questions you about it?

Just do what most law enforcement officers would do.

Reply with the typical above the law, sense of entitlement swagger, and 
come up with some b.s. sarcastic remark.

That's exactly what a Sacramento County, California Sheriff's deputy did after a man video recorded her illegally parked in a handicap parking space.

The video begins with the SCSO deputy walking towards her marked police cruiser holding snacks, including a super size drink in hand, that she just picked up at a Circle K convenience store.

Then the man who's video recording her comes on.

"You always park in handicap when you're not on a call?", the man asks the deputy.

"We're allowed to get breaks," the deputy replies.

"There's a parking spot right here though ma'm," the man tells the deputy, referring to an empty parking space right next to the handicap space she's occupying.

Which by the way, just happens to be the only handicap parking space in the parking lot.

"There wasn't one when I pulled in," the deputy replies.

"She seemed to feel like she was entitled to it," the man told KTLA 5 news, going on to describe the deputy as thinking she's somehow exempt from the laws.

The same laws me and you are expected to abide by.

"I'm very disappointed, frankly it is completely inconsistent with our values," said Sacramento undersheriff James Lewis, after watching the video.

Undersheriff Lewis said that the matter has been turned over to the department's internal affairs division for an "investigation."

Lewis said that disciplinary actions can range anywheres from "documented counseling to termination."

Can you imagine if this smart, alert citizen had not done some quick thinking and video recorded this incident of yet another cop clearly thinking she's above the law?

Certainly the deputy and the undersheriff would have denied it ever even happened.

Which is, why I always say... 


Click link below to watch video.

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