Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Brighton, NY Cop Zachary Hoag Racially Profiles My Son, Minutes After Bernie Sanders Promises Police Reform

Brighton, NY Police officer Zachary Hoag 

By Davy V.

Just minutes after Bernie Sanders brought a capacity crowd to their feet when he said U.S. Law Enforcement needs to be reformed, a Brighton, NY Police officer racially profiled my teenage son.

Right outside Bernie Sander's speech.

Here's what happened.

I took my son and my niece to the Bernie Sanders rally behind Monroe Community College Tuesday morning.

As we were exiting the speech, my son and my niece were walking ahead of me.

As my son walked by Brighton, NY Police Officer Zachary Hoag, he stared my son down, looked my son up and down, smirked, and shook his head as in disgust.

My son is African-American and Latino.

Like many teenagers, my son is big into fashion.

He loves Hip Hop.

Part of my son's style is a 90's style box fade haircut.

My son was also rocking his gold nugget earings.

As soon as I saw Brighton Police Officer Hoag's reaction to my son walking by him, I approached officer Hoag and asked him if he knew that was my son.

I also asked officer Hoag why did he have to look at my son the way he did, and why the need for his negative reaction to my son.

"No Davy, let's talk," officer Hoag said to me.

"Ok let's talk," I said to officer Hoag, after I turned my camera on.

That's where the video starts.

And that's also when Brighton Police officer Zachary Hoag seemed to suddenly become speechless.

Watch my video below, as a nervous officer Hoag tries to say that he was looking at my son's earings because he thought they were "interesting."


Who the fuck do these cops think they're trying to fool.

I'm a veteran activist.

I'm far from new to this and I know exactly how cops think.

And I know exactly what officer Hoag was thinking as my son walked by him.

Brighton Police officer Hoag's unprofessional and culturally insensitive behavior towards my son, is exactly what's wrong with law enforcement today.

And exactly what Bernie Sanders said needs to change. 

As a Brighton, NY resident I can say that there are many professional police officers on the force, such as Lt. Mike Disaine, Sgt. Wagner, Sgt. Bruzda, and officers Jeffrey Hoffman, Mark Skidmore, Richard Kosakowski, and Julie Knutowicz.

But the Brighton, NY Police Department also has many officers who are unprofessional.

Officers such as Mike Romach, and Keith Woodard, whose unprofessionalism has included  giving out my private residence address.

And not to mention Brighton, NY Police Chief Mark Henderson, who along with the Rochester, NY Police Department and the Monroe County, NY District Attorney's office, has turned a blind eye and enabled a career criminal and ex-con who threatened to kill and decapitate my 5-year old daughter.

As someone who has twice successfully sued the Rochester, NY Police Department for civil rights violations including false arrest, I can say that if the pattern and practice harassing behavior on the part of the Brighton, NY Police Department against me and my family continues, I will file a civil suit against the town of Brighton, NY and the Brighton Police Department.



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