Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Rochester, NY's Corporate-America Run Mainstream News Media "Trashes" Bernie Sanders Supporters

Rochester Time Warner Cable News reporter Wendy Mills 

By Davy V.

Security was tight at the Ice Plex Arena behind Monroe Community College in Brighton, NY for Bernie Sanders speech Tuesday.

In addition to Brighton Police, Rochester Police, Monroe County Sheriffs, and New York State Police, the U.S. Secret Service was also in full effect.

I along with my niece and my son stood in line with at least 5,000 other attendees for several hours as the long lines moved slowly through the complex's parking lot.

As we got to the entrance, literally right before going in, announcements were made to everyone that the U.S. Secret Service was conducting a "TSA airport style security" and that as a result, "No water bottles, thermoses, lighters, of pocket knives would be permitted inside."

That immediately sent everyone scrambling to get rid of their coffee cups, water bottles, and lighters.

Myself included.

I had to leave two full large water bottles behind that I had purchased from a 7 Eleven near my home at 5 a.m.

But here's the thing, as part of the tight security, there were only a couple of garbage containers for people to dump their cups and bottles in.

And one big industrial dumpster which was about 50 feet from the entrance.

But all those were already full.

So when it came to leaving their bottles and cups behind, folks didn't have too many choices.

Either leave them in piles near the entrance, or risk losing your place in line in order to go look for another garbage container.

And being that people waited several hours in line, well, the choice was pretty clear.

Leave them on the sidewalk near the entrance, or on the short cement wall ledges in front of the Ice Plex Arena entrance.

I myself chose the latter.

Coffee cups, and thermoses left behind on ledge.
Photo by Davy V.

But leave it to Rochester, NY's lame mainstream news media to be so desperate for a story as to make something out of nothing and look for a way to slam Bernie Sanders by blaming Sanders supporters for leaving trash behind.

Enter Rochester's Time Warner Cable News reporter Wendy Mills who wasted no time going on Twitter and sending a direct tweet, including a photo she took of bottles and cups, to @Bernie Sanders which said "Who is going to clean all this up?"

Wendy Mills tweet to @BernieSanders

Then there was Chris Horvatits, a reporter with Rochester's NBC affiliate, News10 NBC, who also took to Twitter and posted, "Sanders supporters left quite a mess of cups and bottles at the entrance. It's been cleaned up by staff."

News10 NBC Reporter Chris Horvatits' Tweet 





Other Bernie Sanders critics took to Twitter as well, including one of my biggest critics, who posted the tweet below.

In her tweet, she's referring to a popular piece I wrote about St. Patrick's Day festival goers who trashed Rochester's historic East Avenue neighborhood near the George Eastman Museum, with beer cans, red Solo cups, and half eaten pizza slices.

That crowd, mostly white college kids and young professionals, even urinated on people's properties.

But there's a huge difference between getting drunk at a St. Patrick's Day parade, and then intentionally throwing alcohol containers, plastic cups, half eaten pizza slices, and then urinsting on the front lawns of people's homes, and being forced by the United States Secret Service to leave your water bottles and styrofoam coffee cups behind in a pile.

LET ME BE CLEAR-- At no time did ANY Bernie Sanders supporter(s) throw ANY garbage ANYWHERE.

Again, the items they were forced to leave behind, were left several in piles.

Not strewn all over the place.

But that's how mainstream news media is, especially in Rochester, NY.

Anything to "trash" Bernie Sanders, who has been very critical of Corporate-America run news media.



News10 NBC Reporter Chris Horvatits 

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