Wednesday, May 25, 2016

BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU: Rochester, NY Police Department to Add 27 More Surveillance Cameras


Rochester, NY Police Department Surveillance Camera  

Davy V.

When it comes to police surveillance, Rochester, NY is one of the most watched cities in the U.S.

The Rochester, NY Police Department has a total of 130 blue light bubble surveillance cameras, sitting high atop utility poles.

The RPD cameras feed into a master surveillance control room inside the Public Safety building, where RPD employees monitor surveillance.

And now the Rochester, NY Police Department is adding 27 more surveillance cameras, for a total of 157.

The announcement by Rochester Police of the installation of the new surveillance cameras comes less than a week after RPD Chief Michael Ciminelli admitted that his department spent $200,000 on a StingRay KingFish spy listening device.

Chief Ciminelli also admitted that the RPD has a confidentiality agreement (pact) with the FBI when it comes to disclosing information relating to the RPD's use of the StingRay listening device.

(You can read my piece on that by clicking link below)

So there you have it.

Welcome to Rochester, NY, where BIG BROTHER is alive and well.

If you live in Rochester, NY, here's a list of the new locations where Rochester, NY Police blue light bubble surveillance cameras will be installed.

36 East Main Street (River Park Trail)

100 State Street (River Park Trail) NE corner of Broad Street Bridge.

Fairbanks Avenue / Hudson Avenue

North Clinton Avenue / Oscar Street

Avenue A / Roth Street

Bay / Rohr Streets

Clifford Avenue / Sixth Street

Portland Avenue / Dickinson Street

210 Troup Street (Troup Street Park)

Genesee St. / Kirkland Rd.

Arnett Blvd. / Rugby Ave.

Child St. / Danforth St.

Jefferson Ave. / Flint St.

South Clinton Ave. / Caroline St.

Ackerman Street (Near rear of Goodman Plaza)

East Main St. / Prince St.

Main St. / Sidney St.

530 Webster Ave. (Ryan Center)

202 Grand Ave. (SENSC)

Lyell Ave. / Murray St.

Jay St. / Child St.

Lyell Ave. / Child St.

Dewey Ave. / Lexington Ave.

Otis St. / Warner St.

Plymouth St. / Spencer St.

Plymouth Ave. / Spencer St.



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