Thursday, May 5, 2016

Rochester, NY Cops Caught on Surveillance Video Beating Black Man after Running him Down with Cruiser


Rochester, NY Police cruiser ribs black man down

By Davy V.

A disturbing store surveillance video posted to social media shows Rochester, NY Police officers running a black man down with their police cruiser, and then beating him, punching him several times in the head by RPD officers Patrick Giancursio and William Wagner.

The video was posted to Facebook earlier this week.

I posted a version of the video to my YouTube channel DavyVTV, which shows a more zoomed in view of several Rochester cops beating 23-year old Brian Norford on Lyell Avenue on February 3, 2016 around 8:20 p.m.

The original video which was posted on Facebook seems to have been recorded off of a computer screen as it played.

In the video, a Rochester Police officer can be seen punching Norford at least several times, as he's on the ground after having just been hit by the R.P.D. cruiser.

Rochester Police claim that officers responded to a call for males selling drugs in the area of Lyell Avenue.

That's when according to Rochester Police Captain Michael Callari, Norford ran from police, before he was run down by the RPD cruiser in front of 475 Lyell Avenue.

According to Callari, his officers found a loaded .32 caliber handgun on Norford.

Brian Norford was charged with 2nd degree criminal possession of a weapon.

Of course Callari wouldn't explain why his officers felt they could run a human being down with their police car and then proceed to punch him several times as he lay on the ground injured.

But then again, nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to the Rochester, NY Police Department, one of the most corrupt, rogue, racist, and barbaric police agencies in the country.

This is the same police force I've been exposing for the past 20-plus years.


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