Saturday, June 4, 2016

Brighton, NY Police Lieutenant Involved in Bagpipe Non-Story is a Good Cop


By Davy V.

In 2014, an ex-con named Theodore "Teddy" Loria with a lengthy criminal record, who has publicly called for police officers to be shot and killed, and who has done prison time for crimes which include criminal possession of weapons, as well as criminal sale of a controlled substance, and who is currently scheduled to go to trial on assault charges, threatened to murder and decapitate my 5-year old daughter.


Theodore "Teddy" Loria

Despite the threat having been captured on video surveillance cameras inside Malcho's Mobil gas station and convenience store, located at 619 Monroe Avenue, the Rochester, NY Police Department and the Monroe County, NY District Attorney's office refused to bring charges against the individual.

Both the RPD and the Monroe County, NY District Attorney's office, claimed that because the threat against my child was told to a third party, a gas station attendant named Justin Bainter, there was nothing they could do.

As Monroe County, NY Assistant District Attorney David Siguenza said to me, "As disturbing as the threat was, it doesn't even rise to the level of harassment, which under New York State criminal law, would only a violation."

Insisting that something had to be done, I personally reached out to Rochester's mainstream news media.

They completely ignored me.

None of them, including Rochester Democrat and Chronicle newspaper senior writer Gary Craig, had the respect to at least return my calls and emails.

The entire incident will be featured in full detail in an upcoming film I'm currently shooting in and around Rochester, NY, titled A Promise to My Dad.

As a father, it disgusts me how Rochester, NY's mainstream news media will ignore an innocent child being threatened by a convicted felon, as well as our criminal "justice" system turning a blind eye to it, but on the other hand will exploit and sensationalize other stories, for news ratings.

Take, for example, a recent incident in Brighton, NY, a suburb of Rochester, which is really a non-story and a perfect example of how Rochester's mainstream news media will go as far as creating something out of nothing.


It's an incident between two neighbors.

One, a professional bagpiper who loudly practices and plays his bagpipe within earshot of his neighbor.

So his neighbor calls the police to complain.

Unbeknownst to a Brighton, NY Police Lieutenant who is about to respond to a routine noise complaint call, a Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle newspaper reported Dave Andreatta, and the rest of Rochester's mainstream news media are about to sensationalize and exploit a simple dispatch call all in the name of selling more newspapers and getting more news ratings.


Matt Weasman

The bagpiper is Matt Weasner better known as #FreeMatt.

That's a hashtag which his wife, Toni Beth Weasner, who seems to wear the pants in the house (more on that in a bit), and his supporters started on social media.

Yes, they've actually started a #FreeMatt movement.

Again, keep in mind, this is a simple dispute between two neighbors.

So the Brighton, NY Police Lieutenant explains to Matt Weasner, or #FreeMatt, that his playing his musical instrument loudly, outside, right next to his neighbor's home, is in violation of the town's noise ordinance.

The Brighton cop was very professional and courteous, when he gave her husband a stern warning.

If police are called again, he will be fined $250.00


Photo showing Brighton, NY Police cruiser, which Toni Beth Weasman posted on Facebook

Now here's where we get to see who wears the pants.

It's interesting how Matt Weasman's wife, NOT Matt Weiseman, then gets on the horn and calls each and every Rochester news media outlets and pitches her non-story.

White suburban family unfairly targeted by Brighton Town Hall and police.


I 110% support the Brighton Police Department, especially the Lieutenant in this case.

Let me explain.

It takes a lot for me to defend a cop, let alone an entire police force.

But after I heard some disparaging comments about the Brighton Police Department and the Lieutenant, targeting Matt Weiseman, I couldn't sit by idly.

And I wanted to show my support.


Brighton, NY Police Lieutenant Mike DiSain

Brighton, NY Police Lieutenant Mike DiSain is a good man.

And a good cop.

I've known Lt. DiSain for about 7 years.

Despite my radioactive "Davy V." public image and my at times, "over the top" and "controversial" work, in the time that I have known Brighton Police Lt. Mike DiSaine, he has always treated me with respect.


When I was going through a tough time when my child's mother was violating my visitation, Lt. Mike DiSain was professional, gave me great advise, and genuinely empathized with my situation.

Brighton Police Lt. Mike DiSain is one of the few law enforcement officers who understands me, and understands what's behind my work.

Understands why I do what I do.

Simply put, Lt. Mike DiSain gets it.

Lt. Mike DiSain is a good man.

Which is why it not only disgusts me to see Rochester, NY's mainstream news media whores create a "story" where there is none, all to get news ratings and sell a few more copies of their shit newspaper, but it also disgust me to see a white, suburban woman, think that her husband is somehow above the law.

HE'S NOT ma'm.


Toni Beth Weasman

Personally I'm glad to see that for once, it's not the cops being called for a black teenager playing N.W.A.'s "Fuck Tha Police", too loud.

It's the cops being called on a man in a kilt, whose wife clearly wears the pants.

After all, she's the one who ran to the news, instead of simply obeying the law.

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