Friday, September 30, 2016

Gates, NY Police Chief James VanBrederode Would Deny his Own Children Their Constitutional First Amendment Right as Americans: "My Two VanBrederode Children Would Not be On That Field Taking a Knee."


Gates, NY Police Chief James VanBrederode

By Davy V.

Speaking on Rochester, NY's Bob Lonsberry show on WHAM 1180 radio Friday morning, Gates, NY Police Chief James VanBrederode said he would in essence violate his own family's constitutional right to free speech.

Asked by Bob Lonsberry what he thought of a local Rochester high school boys soccer team taking a knee and refusing to stand for the singing of the national anthem, much like NFL star Colin Karpernick has vowed to do in wake of police shootings of blacks across the country, Chief VanBrederode said he would not allow his children to do the same.

"My two VanBrederode children would not be on that field taking a knee," VanBrederode said.



Here's my question.

If Gates, NY Police Chief  James VanBrederode rules his family with an iron fist, to the point where he would deny his own children the freedom of self expression and individuality, how does he run his own department when it comes to respecting citizens' constitutional rights?

In a Frieudian slip sort of way, I believe he just told us.

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