Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Rochester, NY Police Department Promotes House Negroe to Deputy Chief


Rochester, NY Police Deputy Chief Mark Simmons

By Davy V.

Wednesday morning Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminnelli promoted one of his top cops to Deputy Chief.

His very own personal house negroe, Lt. Mark Simmons.

Simmons is a cop I've written about several times over the years.

While many Rochester, NY residents have extremely short-term memories, others, like myself, do not.


A very sensitive subject for me.

In 1993, after years of being targeted by the Rochester, NY Police Department, my dad Mario Vara committed suicide in his bedroom, while me and my mom were downstairs.

More than two decades after my dad's suicide, I live every day with an indescribable pain and emptiness in my life.

Suicide is a very issue which destroys the lives of those left behind

Unfortunately, suicide is also still very much taboo in our society and not talked about enough.

On July 10, 2005, 13-year old LaShedica Mason was suicidal, when she locked herself up in the bathroom of her home on St. Jacob Street on Rochester's eastside.

LaShedica's family called 911 for help.

A few minutes later, Rochester, NY Police officer Mark Simmons stormed into the Mason home, and as soon as he saw LaShedica holding a knife, he shot the 13-year old girl three times, including once in her abdomen.

As a result of her injuries, LaShedica's gall bladder, as well as several feet of her intestines had to be removed during surgery.


Former Rochester, NY Police Chief Cedric Alexander

Ironically, just days before the shooting, acting Rochester Police Chief Cedric Alexander, who has since become a very well paid CNN News personality peddling his new book, announced the creation of the Rochester, NY Police Department's Emotionally Disturbed Persons Response Team (EDPRT) a team specially trained to deal with despondent, suicidal, and emotionally unstable individuals.

However, the Rochester, NY Police Department's EDPRT team, which again, was specifically developed for people just like LaShedica, never showed up.

In fact, the team was nowhere to be found.

Instead, Rochester, NY Police officer Mark Simmons went Rambo, opening fire on a young suicidal girl, who needed help, nearly killing her.

Rochester, NY Police officer Mark Simmons tried his best to kill young LaShedica.

Simmons shot the 13-year old in what police refer to as 'center mass.'

Center mass is that part of the body just below the neck and above the waist.

The reason police aim for this area of the body is because they know that by shooting at this area of the body, the shots will most likely be fatal.

By shooting young LaShedica three times, Rochester, NY Police officer Mark Simmons' intentions were clear.


Not long after he shot LaShedica, officer Mark Simmons was promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

Then shortly after that, Mark Simmons was promoted to Lieutenant.

And now, Mark Simmons, has been promoted to Deputy Chief.

Mark Simmons never took any accountability for shooting a suicidal 13-year old girl.

In fact, in the years that followed LaShedica Mason's shooting, Mark Simmons not only committed, but also ignored countless incidents of abuse by his overwhelmingly white police force.

Mark Simmons, like every other minority Rochester, NY cop, has repeatedly ignored his fellow white officers (GANG MEMBERS) profiling, and abusing innocent black and Latino citizens.

Which is why I've always said that much like Ice Cube rapped in NWA's 1988 Classic "Fuck Tha Police", Mark Simmons is a Black cop showing out for the white cop.


Mark Simmons is black cop who has made a career out of kissing the asses of his white superiors, while defending and justifying the atrocities committed by mostly white Rochester, NY cops against people of color.

Mark Simmons is a fucking sellout who has willingly and eagerly turned on his own people.

Can you say "Yes masta!"?


THE "MASTA" Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminnelli 

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