Friday, September 16, 2016

(VIDEO) Rochester, NY Cops Arrest Man for Video Recording, Pepper-Spray, Assault Innocent Bystanders


Rochester, NY Cops Arrest Woman on Private Property 



Tensions were high this afternoon inside Rochester City Hall when during a public meeting regarding the actions of several Rochester, NY Police officers who pepper-sprayed and tackled a black nother in front of her young daughter, and arrested a black man for video recording the incident, Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminnelli seemed to defend the actions of his officers saying the adults shouldn't have had a young child there.

Even though the incident occurred at her home.

Also, Chief Ciminnelli admitted that one of the RPD cops called the woman an "animal."

I will be updating this piece.

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By Davy V.

Just two days after Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren and her police Chief Michael Ciminnelli announced the creation of a new position within the Rochester, NY Police Department, that of Deputy Chief of Community Relations, a disturbing video posted on Facebook September 15th by a man named Clarence Thompson, shows several white Rochester, NY cops retaliating against, pepper-spraying, and arresting innocent black bystanders, including Thompson, who recorded the video.

In the video, Rochester, NY cops can be seen on top of a person, laying on the street.

A white Rochester, NY Police officer is then seen ordering a black woman, who has been identified by Rochester City officials as Latorya Parker, off a public city sidewalk, near the intersection of Hollenbeck Street and Avenue A, right in front of her own home.

The man laying on the street is Parker's boyfriend.

When the woman tells the officer the sidewalk isn't his, he replies, "Yes it is my sidewalk.!"

Several cops, from the Rochester Police Department's Clinton Section, then rush the black woman, pepper-spraying her, grabbing her, twisting her arms and assaulting her, then tackling her to the ground inside her own property line.

Private property.

Parker's 5-year old daughter can be heard crying in the vides, as she witnessed the Rochester cops assaulting and tackling her mother.

In the video,, Latorya Parker can be heard crying, "I can't see!", after being pepper-sprayed.


Rochester, NY Cops Rush Woman on Private Property after Pepper-Spraying Her.

The video, which is being recorded by a man sitting in his car, then shows as the man exits his car to get a better angle of the Rochester cops assaulting the black woman.

That nan is Clatence Thompson.

A few seconds later, a Rochester, NY cop grabs Thompson, telling him "You're under arrest."

Police then place Thompson's phone on top of his car, with the camera facing down, but the video continues recording.

At the end of the video, a Rochester, NY Police officer is heard asking Thompson how to turn the video recording off.

Both Clarence Thompson and Latorya Parker were arrested by Rochester Police.

Clarence Thompson refused to return several messages I sent him for comment.

In the end of the video, Thompson can be heard actually telling the Rochester, NY Police officer who arrested him and took his phone, that he can go ahead and erase the video if he wants.

While I always tell folks to NEVER resist, and to NEVER be disrespectful or use any obscenities towards police, as frankly, it can and most often will just make matters worse, I find the fact that Clarence Thompson actually gave a police officer permission to erase his video, very disturbing.


Just Two Days Before Video, Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren and RPD Chief Michael Cimminelli
Introduced Wayne Harris as Deputy Chief of Community Relations    


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