Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Town of Henrietta, NY Forces Man to Take Trump Sign Down


TRUMP 2016 Sign the Town of Henrietta, NY Forced Taxpayer to Take Down

By Davy V.

In yet another disturbing example of government infringing on citizen's rights, specifically the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment protected freedom of speech, a Henrietta, NY man has been forced by town officials to take down his lawn sign supporting Donald Trump.

According to the man, whose first name is Mike, and who asked me not to publish his last name, or his address, it all began when someone complained to the Henrietta Town board, about his sign supporting Donald Trump.

Mike says a Town of Henrietta, NY code enforcement officer then showed up to his Calkins Rd. home and threatened him with a cease and desist letter, as well
as warned him that he could face Town of Henrietta fines which would start at $500.

In the short period of time that Mike's "Trump 2016" sign had been on his front lawn, on his own private property, he tells me it has been vandalized several times, including egged, and even run over by a car.


This is Where Mike's "TRUMP 2016" Sign Used to Stand, On his Front Lawn of his Home


Tire Marks on Mike's "TRUMP 2016" Sign From
Being Run Over

Mike even received a letter from someone claiming to be a neighbor across the street, calling him a racist, and telling him to move.

The letter, which you can read in the screenshot below, in part reads: 

"You are not welcome here and should move somewhere else."


Letter Telling Mike to Move because he Supports Donald Trump: "You are not welcome here and should move somewhere else."

In order to justify their forcing Mike to take down his sign, he says Town of Henrietta officials told  him his sign is in violation of town code.

"They dug deep in the code books in order to justify forcing me to take it down, and said my sign is too big," Mike said.

So Mike's sign is gone.

But he has a new one, mounted on the back of his pickup truck.




I want to say something here.

Apart from the Town of Henrietta, NY bullying a taxpayer, threatening him, and telling him what he can or can't display on his own property, what really bothers me the most about this whole thing is the letter that Mike received.

As a Cuban-American whose parents fled Castro's totalitarian dictatorship government, in search of freedom and a better life for my family, it disgusts me that this man's neighbors would be so unamerican as to send him a letter telling him to move, because they don't agree with him.

I myself can't stand Donald Trump.

As a Latino and father to two African-American and Latino children, I'm disgusted with the way that Donald Trump has divided our country by stirring up and bringing out a racist element which has always existed, but has now been riled up and put front and center.

It's disgusting.

But, I'm an American.

And as an American, I will stand up and fight for another American's right to free speech.

And Mike has every right to put up his sign on his own property, supporting Donald Trump.


Henrietta, NY Town Supervisor Jack Moore

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