Tuesday, September 20, 2016

'Good Ol' Boys Club', Official Misconduct, Lack of Transparency, and Secret Meetings, Continue to Plague Mount Morris, NY After Police Chief is Put on Administrative Leave


Mount Morris, NY Police Chief Ken Mignemi



Still refusing to be transparent with taxpayers, Mount Morris, NY Mayor Joel Mike has suspended his Police Chief Ken Mignemi for two weeks without pay.

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By Davy V.

It's not everyday that an elected official has a public Frieudian slip.

But that's exactly what happened Monday night when Mount Morris, NY Mayor Joel Mike said he's doing everything he can to "protect" his police chief, after placing him on administrative leave, without even telling taxpayers why.

According to Rochester, NY's WHAM 1180 radio host Bob Lonsberry, it all started when a Mount Morris, NY Police officer pulled over a vehicle driven by a town official a few weeks ago for DWI.

Here's where Mount Morris, NY  Police Chief Ken Mignemi enters.

According to Lonsberry, as soon as Mount Mortrus, NY Police Chief Mignemi found out about the Town official had been stopped, he ordered his officer not to arrest the official, and instead to let him go.


It's that 'Good Ol' Boys Club' I've talked about for years.


Mount Morris, NY Mayor Joel Mike

It's important to note that there has been next to no transparency from Mount Morris Mayor Joel Mike.

In fact, Lonsberry is the only one who has released the details surrounding the incident involving Chief Mignemi.


WHAM 1180 Radio Host Bob Lonsberry 

And now that the so-called "internal investigation" has wrapped up, it's become clear to Mount Morris residents that their Mayor is going to continue to keep them in the dark, when it comes to the details surrounding Chief Mignemi.

Mount Morris officials met behind closed doors Monday night in a secret meeting, to discuss what's next for their police chief.

After the secret meeting, Mount Morris Mayor Joel Mike only had this to say to the media:
"At this stage of the game he's still on administrative leave. I can assure you and the public that we are doing everything that we are supposed to do to protect him and the village and taxpayers."

"Protect him"?

And with that, the mystery surrounding Mount Morris Police Chief Joel Mike continues.

So much for government transparency huh?

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