Friday, December 2, 2016

Good Ol' Boys Club in Livingston County, New York as NY State Police Major's Daughter is Charged with Stabbing her Boyfriend to Death


Danielle Allen, New York State Police Major's daughter has been charged with stabbing her boyfriend to death.

By Davy V.

Picture this.

A white top cop's daughter stabs her black boyfriend to death.

She isn't charged or arrested until almost two weeks later.

Then, when she's finally charged, the judge who arraigns her is none other than a retired cop himself.

The judge then bans news media from the courtroom.

That's exactly what happened Friday afternoon in a Livingston County, NY courtroom when a shackled Danielle Allen, the daughter of New York State Police Major Richard Allen, was arraigned in the killing of her boyfriend, 22-year old Marcus Postell who she stabbed to death.

Judge William Purcell, a retired New York State Trooper, banned news media from entering the courtroom and seeing the arraignment.

Around 11 p.m. on Monday November 21, 2016, Danielle Allen called 911 to report her boyfriend had been stabbed.

When the Livingston County Sheriff's Office responded, they found Postell dead inside a home on Flowerville Rd.  

Danielle Allen is the daughter of New York State Police Major Richard Allen.

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A shackled Danielle Allen heads into court 


Danielle Allen escorted by Livingston County, NY Sheriff Deputy


Marcus Postell


Danielle Allen and Marcus Postell

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