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As Rochester, NY Police Chief, James Sheppard Lacked Transparency, Leadership, and had No Regard for Citizens' Constitutional Rights


James Sheppard


By Davy V.

On a cold January day in 2013, Steven Jodoin Benus.
spent countless hours driving around, Rochester, NY and visiting several animal shelters, looking for his best friend Codi, who had wandered off after a day of ice fishing.



Little did Steven know what had happened to Codi.

After being dispatched to a call for a loose pitbull walking around, Rochester, NY Police officer Chris Burgstom ran Codi down with his police cruiser, then chased the cold, scared, injured dog to a pier on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Officer Burgstrom then drove his police cruiser on the pier, got out, and executed Codi, shooting the innocent dog at close range.

Rochester, NY Police officials would later say that Codi attacked Officer Burgstrom, and that the officer had to shoot.

But there were a couple of things wrong with that story.

First, Rochester, NY Police Officer Chris Burgstrom shot Codi from behind.

In other words, as Codi was facing away from Officer Burgstrom, NOT charging him.

Second, Rochester Police Officer Chris Burgstrom shot Codi with his department issued Remington 870 shotgun, not his service weapon, meaning that before Officer Burgstrom even exited his police cruiser, he made the decision to grab his shotgun, knowing full well what his intentions were.

To execute Codi.


Rochester, NY Police Officer Chris Burgstrom

When Steven Jodoin Benus finally found out what had happened to Codi, he drove to Rochester Animal Control on Verona Street in downtown Rochester, expecting to be able to get Codi's remains, and put his best friend to rest.

Not so.

You see, at the animal control shelter, Steven was told that he could not take Codi.


Steven was told that Rochester, NY Police James Sheppard had issued an order not to release the remains.

Chief Sheppard didn't want to release Codi to his owner because he didn't want anyone to see the photos below. 


James Sheppard didn't want anyone to see what his trigger happy cop did to an innocent family pet.

Finally, after I wrote about Codi's story right here on The Davy V. Blog, about how Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard refused to allow Steven to take Codi, Chief Sheppard ordered animal control officials to rehearse the remains.

As Rochester, NY Police Chief, James Sheppard gave free range to rogue, corrupt officers who racially profiled, abused and violated citizens' civil rights.

Especially African-Americans and Latinos.

James Sheppard was known for his heavy handed police tactics, with no regard for citizens' constitutional rights.

In 2012, at a press conference where he introduced the "Zero Tolerance" policy, Chief Sheppard said:

"If you're riding a bike and it doesn't have a bell, we're gonna stop you, if it doesn't have lights, we're gonna stop you."

As Rochester, NY Police Chief, James Sheppard believed in racial profiling.

He believed and supported stop and frisk.

When he was Chief, James Sheppard lacked leadership.

He lacked transparency.

This continued after he retired from the Rochester Police Department and was elected as a Monroe County Legislator.

In 2015, Monroe County, NY Clerk Adam Bello said that James Sheppard was one of several officials who 
personally benefited from the illegal waiving of fees for him and members of his family.

Only after the story went public, did James Sheppard pay the fees.

Check out the video below and watch how James Sheppard's handlers kick me out of his press conference where he announced his run for Rochester, NY Mayor, after he evaded my question...



Entry Wound behind Codi's Head with Exit Wound above Left Eye.


Exit Wound on Codi from Rochester, NY Police Officer Chris Burgstrom Shooting him with Shotgun.



James Sheppard Evades Question (above), 
Walks Away (below)


(Below) James Sheppard's Handlers Kick Davy V. Out of Press Conference where Sheppard Announced his Candidacy for Rochester, NY Mayor




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