Thursday, February 23, 2017

(UPDATED) 7 Shot in "Sanctuary City" Rochester, NY, And Not a Peep From City's Black Mayor Lovely Warren, Black City Council Public Safety Chair Adam McFadden, or #BlackLivesMatter


Scene of Shooting Outside Corner Store on The Corner of Genesee Street and Kirkland Avenue in Rochester, NY where 4 People Were Shot Wednesday. (Photo: Social Media)

By Davy V.

Four people were shot outside a corner store at the intersection of Genesee Street and Kirkland Avenue, in Rochester, NY last night, just a couple of blocks away from the August 2015 drive-by massacre outside a Boys & Girls Club, on Genesee Street, where a total of six people were shot after a basketball game.

Three people died in that shooting.

In total, 7 people were shot in Rochester, NY Wednesday, making it one of the most violent, and bloodiest days in recent history in my hometown.

And yet not a peep from Rochester's Black Mayor, Lovely Warren.

Which is interesting, especially since Mayor Warren recently declared Rochester, NY a sanctuary city, saying immigrants are safe from deportation.

Which as a Cuban-American whose parents immigrated to the United States in the late 1960's, I think that's great.

But what about the citizens of Rochester, NY?

Just how safe are Rochester residents when drive-bys and mass shootings have become a regular occurrence?

And not a peep from Rochester's Black City Council Member Adam McFadden, who heads the City's Public Safety Comitee.

And of course, not a peep from #BlackLivesMatter.


You couldn't make this up if you tried.

One of the four men shot Wednesday in front of a corner store on Genesee Street in Rochester, NY was involved in the August 2015 massacre drive-by shooting on Genesee Street which killed three people.

Quartemaine Titus, 33, was captured on surveillance video in August of 2015, shooting at the suspects who shot six people in front of the Boys & Girls Club on Genesee Street.

Wednesday evening, Titus was shot in front of the corner store, just blocks away from the Boys & Girls Club.


Quartermaine Titus

BELOW: Family Members After Learning their Loved Ones Were Killed in August 2015 Drive-By Massacre in Front of Boys & Girls Club on Genesee Street, in Rochester, NY. (Photos: Social Media)




Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren


Rochester, NY City Councilman and Public Safety Committee Chair Adam McFadden

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