Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Vincenzo Zagari Case; Justified Shooting, or Trigger-Happy Cop?


Vincenzo Zagari Lies Comatose after Being Shot by Monroe County, NY Sheriff Deputy Bridget Davis. Photo provided to The Davy V. Blog by Zagari family.

The Davy V. Blog
Saturday February 24, 2017

A couple of years ago, The Davy V. Blog covered the police shooting of 22-year old Vincenzo Zagari, a young man who was shot several times by Monroe County, NY Sheriff Deputy Bridget Davis.


Monroe County, NY Sheriff Deputy Bridget Davis

Zagari, an all star wrestler, who became addicted to drugs, was chased by Wegmans Food Market store security in Pittsford, NY, a suburb of Rochester, after being accused of shoplifting.

According to Monroe County, NY Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn, Zagari attacked Deputy Davis with a hammer, and at one point pulled out a gun.

But no gun was ever found.

Only a BB gun.

That's when O'Flynn says Deputy Davis had no other choice but to shoot Zagari.

Six times.

Zagari, who is lucky to be alive after being hit a total of 5 times, and undergoing dozens of surgeries, eventually accepted a plea deal where he received 12 years in state prison.

But the Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Office story, including O'Flynn's narrative, never made sense to many in the counninity.

Especially to Zagari's family.

It just never quite fit.

In fact, immediately after the shooting, a reporter for Rochester, NY's ABC affiliate 13WHAM News took to Twitter with an interesting observation.

Reporter Sean Carroll posted: "Not looking like Monroe Co. Sheriff will be addressing questions on camera re: Pittsford deputy-involved shooting. Raises questions IMO"

For those not up on social media speak, "IMO" is short for In My Opinion.



Monroe County, NY Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn

Then there were the witnesses.

Two women, who worked on opposite sides of the M&T Bank parking lot where Zagari was shot.

One of the women, whose name I have chosen not to publish, worked at the McDonald's next to the bank.

We'll get back to her shortly.

The second woman, worked in an office building located on the other side of the bank.

We'll get back to her in a second as well.

Let's go back to the young woman who worked at McDonald's.

According to Zagari's family, to this day, that young woman is traumatized by what she saw.

The young woman saw Monroe County, NY Sheriff Deputy Bridget Davis shoot Zagari.

She then saw Zagari fall forward.

As Zagari was falling forward, she saw Deputy Davis shoot Zagari several more times.

The young woman then said that Deputy Davis then walked over to Zagari, calmly stood directly over him, and shot him again.

Also, important to note... according to Luci Zagari, the young woman estimated the distance that Zagari was from Deputy Davis as being at least 30-40 feet.

This is very important as it clearly contradicts Monroe County, NY Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn's story.

Sheriff O'Flynn said that Zagari first attacked Deputy Davis with a hammer.

O'Flynn then stated that Deputy Davis used her baton, hitting Zagari, but according to O'Flynn, Zagari wouldn't go down.

Sheriff O'Flynn then stated that Zagari reached into his book bag and pulled out a gun, and that's when Davis shot Zagari.

In other words, according to Monroe County, NY Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn, his Deputy, and Zagari were at this point, in essence, face to face.

According to O'Flynn, this was close combat.

But Zagari's family says that isn't true.

And photos Zagari's family sent to The Davy V. Blog, seem to back up their claims.

Take a good look at the photo below.



Photos Provided to The Davy V. Blog by Vincenzo Zagari's family Show Monroe County, NY Sheriff Deputy Bridget Davis Shooting at Zagari

It was taken by the woman who worked in the office building.

Notice the woman at the top left of the photo next to the car?

That's Monroe County, NY Sheriff Deputy Bridget Davis.

According to Zagari's family, that photo was taken immediately before Monroe County, NY Shetiff Deputy Bridget Davis shot Zagari.

What don't you see in the photo?

Look closely.

You don't see Vincenzo Zagari, do you?

In fact Zagari is nowhere in the frame, which shows a distance of at least 20-25 feet to the right of the photo.

In other words, not only is Zagari NOT seen attacking Deputy Davis, with a hammer, or with a gun, NOT only is Zagari NOT in close proximity to Deputy Davis like Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn said, when Davis shot him, but Zagari is NOWHERE close to Davis.

Instead, Monroe County, NY Sheriff Deputy Bridget Davis shot Zagari as he was running AWAY from Davis.


And Zagari's family says that the fact that he is alive is proof of that.

Zagari was shot a total of 6 tines.

He was hit 5 times.

With .44 hollow point bullets.

.44 hollow points are designed to expand upon entering a target, causing more damage.

To put it in more blunt terms, they're designed to shred and rip tissue apart.

If in fact Zagari had been as close to Deputy Davis as Sheriff O'Flynn claimed he was, he wouldn't be alive today.

But there's more.

According to several of Zagari's family members, who asked to remain anonymous, there are many lies and inconsistencies with the Monroe County Sheriff's story.

For example, according to Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn, Zagari first attacked Deputy Davis with a hammer. 

That's when O'Flynn says Deputy Davis hit Zagari with her baton, but Zagari wouldn't go down. 

Then, according to Sheriff O'Flynn, Zagari reached into a book bag and pulled out a gun.

That's when O'Flynn says Deputy Davis shot Zagari.

But again, remember the photo above.

Take another good look at it.

Zagari is nowhere near Deputy Davis.

In fact, Zagari is nowhere in the 25-30 feet in front of Deputy Davis.

Zagari's family says that because he never attacked Deputy Davis.

The Davy V. Blog asked Zagari's family why then did Zagari accept a plea deal which sent him to state prison for 12 years, if he's innocent.

That plea deal also included Zagari pleading guilty to attempting to steal a minivan and trying to rob a bank.

The reason Zagari's family told me that he pleaded guilty is disturbing.

Coming soon...

Staged photos?