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Lawsuit: Rochester, NY Cops Assault, Handcuff Grieving Mother in Hospital, After Son is Shot and Killed


Jonathan Delgado with his daughter Jaida Inez Delgado (Photo provided to The Davy V. Blog by Alicia Pagan)

By Davy V.

Instead of consoling and comforting a grieving mother after doctors told  her that her son had just passed away, Rochester, NY cops assaulted, and arrested her.

On November 2, 2015, Alicia Pagan raced to Rochester General Hospital after learning that her son, Jonathan Delgado, had been shot on Rochester's east side.

After waiting for about an hour in RGH's emergency department for an update on her son's condition, an emotional Pagan broke down after doctors came out and told her that her son had died.

That's when Alicia Pagan asked to see her son Jonathan, only told she couldn't see her child.

The grief stricken mother then desperately began to look for her son.

That's when two Rochester, NY Police officers rushed Pagan, pushed her against a wall, twisted her arms, and handcuffed her.

"When I go back on that night I can't go past it because it just brings me back on being in handcuffs from those two officers, but what I'm so hurt and angry about is that I didn't do anything wrong and they put their hands on me like if I committed a crime." 

The memories of that night still haunt Pagan.

First, being told her son had died.

Then, just minutes later, being assaulted and arrested by police officers.

"I was coming out of  this big room after the doctor told me they did their best in helping my son so my knees gave up on me and I fell to the ground," said Pagan.

"Then I remember getting up and trying to go through the door but I wasn't being aggressive at all so I made it through the hallway and I just wanted to know where my son was, I just wanted to see him."

That's when Alicia Pagan says she was rushed by the two Rochester, NY cops.

"They threw me against the wall and bent my left shoulder then the right and then they handcuffed me."

Pagan said the Rochester Police officers then put her in a chair where she sat for about 20 minutes.

"I kept telling them that the handcuffs were bothering me and that they were too tight and I couldn't feel my fingers," said Pagan.

"I asked them if they can please remove them or loosen the handcuffs a little bit because I have bad tendinitis, but they didn't care, they left me there for at least twenty minutes then they finally took them off and I couldn't feel my fingers."

Pagan says even after the Rochester Police officers took the handcuffs off, they held her against her will in a room.

"I asked them why we're they keeping me there when I didn't commit a crime and that I wanted to go home," 'Pagan said.

"I told them, "Please,  I want to go home and put my son's jacket on', but they didn't let me go."

Pagan says that's when a female Rochester, NY Police Investigator named Kate came in to the room.

"She wanted to ask me questions and I told her I will answer anything she wanted if she would just take me home, so she did."

Pagan added that the female RPD investigator was very professional.

"She was a really nice person," Pagan said.

"She took me home and asked me a few questions and she knew it was too much for me, so she decided to come back the next day."

Alicia Pagan was never charged with any crimes.

To this day, Jonathan Delgado's killer has not been caught.

During my interview with Pagan, she wanted me to know that there are good police officers.

"I just feel like that police officers need to get more training in dealing with people who lose their loved one," said Pagan.

A lawsuit filed by Pagan's attorney names the City of Rochester and the Rochester, NY Police Department.

In part, the lawsuit reads: "As a result, she (Alicia Pagan) suffered nerve damage in her wrist and pain in her shoulder... This was just officers that had enough, and weren’t going to listen to her, (Pagan) and for whatever reason missed the training course on how to handle grief stricken mothers of victims who’ve just been murdered. More importantly, she lost the chance to grieve for her son. It was the last night of his life."

"All I can tell you is that night those two Rochester Police officers took the last memory that I had for my son,"' Pagan said.

I will be updating this story.

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