Monday, March 6, 2017

City of Rochester, NY Paints Over Frederick Douglass Art


Frederick Douglass

By Davy V.

Fredrick Douglass, one of my heroes, and the father of the civil rights movement, is buried in Rochester, NY's historic Mount Hope Cemetery.

In 1847, Douglass founded The North Star anti-slavery newspaper in Rochester.

Every year, thousands of people visit his grave.

In fact, over the years, the City of Rochester has used Frederick Douglass to promote Rochester tourism.

Which is why some in Rochester are asking why the City painted over a public art display of Frederick Douglass, in downtown Rochester, NY.

Last Friday, Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle newspaper reporter Steve Orr and some of his colleagues took the photos you see below, which show a City of Rochester, NY employee painting over the Frederick Douglass art which had been a fixture in downtown Rochester for years.

Despite posting a few photos on Twitter, no one at the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper, including Steve Orr, wrote about the City of Rochester removing the Frederick Douglass art, except for the two posts on Twitter which you can see below, and which read: "Is the City of Rochester REALLY erasing Frederick Douglass from Main Street?" and "YES. AMAZING."



Calls to the City of Rochester for comment were not returned.

BELOW: City of Rochester employee paints over Frederick Douglass art in downtown Rochester, NY. (Photo Credit: Steve Orr)





Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren

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