Friday, August 25, 2017

Black Man Shot by White Troy, NY Cop Was Unarmed

A Troy, NY Police Officer holds a bleeding 22-year old Dahmeek McDonald down on the street after McDonald was shot by Jarrod Iler, a 5-year veteran.

By Davy V.

A black man who was shot by a Troy, NY Police officer was unarmed.

According to Troy, NY Police Chief John Tedesco, who originally had refused to say whether a gun was found on or near 22-year old Dahmeek McDonald, after he was shot by Troy, NY Police Officer Jarrod Iler, a 5-year veteran of the department, no gun was ever found.

In other words, McDonald was unarmed when he was shot by Officer Iler, who is white.

Troy, NY Police Chief John Tedesco

According to Chief Tedesco, McDonald, who was pulled over and shot twice in the shoulder and face by Troy, NY Police Officer Jarrod Iler around 6:40 pm on August 15th, near Eigth and Rennsaeler Streets, was wanted on a warrant for an alleged parole violation.

Rahkeem McDonald was treated for gunshots in the hospital, then thrown in the Rennsaeler County Jail.

As usually is the case, the Troy, NY cop who shot McDonald, has been placed on paid "administrative leave", which is code for a paid vacation.

Tensions in the upstate, NY city of Troy have been high following the shooting, with several protests.

Troy, NY Police Chief John Tedesco has referred the investigation into Officer Jarrod Iler's shooting of an unarmed black man, to the FBI.

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