Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Rochester, NY Cop Joel Hasper Harasses Youth Reporter's Family After he Calls 911 for Help

Rochester, NY Police Officer Joel Hasper 

By Davy V.

His name is Geoffrey Rogers, and he's Rochester, NY's youngest news reporter.

Geoffrey runs a YouTube channel called GSL News, and just by watching him report from the scene of breaking news stories around Rochester, you can see just how passionate he is about what he loves to do.

Report breaking news stories.

BELOW: Geoffrey Rogers, Rochester, NY's youngest news reporter, interviews Rochester, NY Police Captain Korey Brown about a shooting.  (Photos: Twitter)


In fact, just a couple of months ago when a Rochester, NY Police Officer was shot in the face, Geoffrey Rogers was at the scene, reporting what had happened.

Geoffrey even sent the officer well wishes for a speedy recovery.

Which is why it's disturbing that despite his respect for law enforcement, the Rochester, NY Police Department not only failed him when he needed help, but Rochester cops actually turned on his family, harassing them and writing his stepfather several tickets.

Here's what happened.

On Monday night, several youths chased Geoffrey near his home on Rochester's east side.

"My son was riding his bike with earbuds on and heard someone yelling, and it was the boys from the projects Clinton and Upper Falls that always chase him try to fight him", Geoffrey's mom, LaCarla Carter told The Davy V. Blog.

According to Geoffrey's mom, the same youths have been bullying Geoffrey fir a while.

"They call him (Geoffrey )the police and a snitch", said Carter.

Geoffrey's mother says that he tried flagging down Rochester Police cruisers that drove by, but they drove right past him, ignored him.

That's when Geoffrey called 911.

According to Geoffrey's mother, when police  arrived they refused to do anything.

Instead, they turned on her son and her husband.

"The police told my husband and I that Geoffery brings these things on himself by taking pictures of people", Geoffrey's mother said.

That's when Geoffrey's mother says that Rochester, NY Police Officer Joel Hasper turned his attention to her husband, and wrote him a ticket for having a license plate cover on his plate of his vehicle.

If the name Joel Hasper sounds familiar, it should.

Rochester, NY Police officer Joel Hasper, is the same RPD officer who falsely arrested me on Clinton Avenue after I video recorded him arresting a black man.


Rochester, NY Police Officer Joel Hasper is a danger to the community and a liability to the City of Rochester, NY.

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren, along with Rochester, NY City Council, including City Council President Loretta Scott are ignoring it.

After Rochester, NY Police Officer Joel Hasper assaulted and falsely arrested me (SEE VIDEO BELOW), I met with Rochester, NY City Council President Loretta Scott, who completely ignored my case.

Forthernore, Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren refused to return my calls. 

Rochester, NY Police Officer Joel Hasper, who has a long history of abusing minorities, and who is named in a federal civil rights trial, will kill an innocent person one day.

Yet Rochester, NY City officials are ignoring this.

I will be updating this story.


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