Friday, January 6, 2023

Assurant Insurane Company: Stall, Delay and Deny Bad Faith Tactics


Over the next few weeks I will be writing about and exposing the bad faith actions of Assurant Insurance Company.

Hopefully it can help you avoid what I’m going though with my claim after my home was burglarized.

At the very least, perhaps you won’t make the same mistake I made when looking for renters or homeowners insurance, and you will stay away from Assurant.

On Saturday June 4, 2022 my apartment was burglarized.

The next day, Sunday June 5, 2022 I filed a claim with Assurant Insurance Company, whom I have had a renters insurance policy with since 2016.

Assurant is owned by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida and has its corporate offices located in New York City.

Assurant’s CEO is Keith Demmings.

On Monday June 6, 2022, Ms. Tiffany Wiggins, an Assurant claims examiner called me.

Ms. Wiggins asked me to send her any proof of ownership of the items including any photos, receipts, etc. of my property that was stolen.

I immediately began sending Ms. Wiggins dozens of emails which included photos and receipts.

That same week, Thursday June 9, 2022 I called Ms. Wiggins to ask her a question about a claims form she had asked me to fill out.

I left Ms. Wiggins a voicemail, but she never retuned my call.

I called Ms. Wiggins again the next day, Friday June 10, 2022 and left her another voicemail.

Ms. Wiggins never returned my calls or voicemails.

On Sunday June 12, 2022, 8 days after my home was burglarized, my mother passed away.

I called Ms. Wiggins to let her know that I needed a few days to get the claims forms completed as my mother had just passed.

Before I could leave Ms. Wiggins a voicemail message, my call was routed to Assurant’s customer service department.

An Assurant customer service agent told me Ms. Wiggins no longer worked for Assurant.

Their exact words which I have documented proof of, were “Ms. Wiggins no longer works for the company.”

Ms. Wiggins had my claim for only one week, before I was told by Assurant representatives that she no longer worked for Assurant.

My claim was then reassigned to Ms. Jennifer Bolaños, another claims examiner for Assurant.

During my first phone conversation with Ms. Jennifer Bolaños, I asked her what had happened to Ms. Tiffany Wiggins.

“She’s no longer with Assurant”, Ms. Bolaños replied.

Over the next several days, I sent more photos and receipt documentation of my personal property to Ms. Bolaños.

Then, exactly one week after Ms. Jennifer Bolaños had been assigned to my claim, she messaged me to tell me  that she would no longer be handling my claim, and that my claim had been reassigned to Ms. Sabrina Johnson, another claims examiner with Assurant.

But wait.

It gets better.

During my first conversation with Ms. Sabrina Johnson,, I asked her what had happened to Ms. Jennifer Bolaños.

Ms. Sabrina Johnson replied:

“She no longer work for Assurant.”

By the way… 

Ms. Tiffany Wiggins, and Ms. Jennifer Bolaños both continue to be employed by Assurant.

It was all a lie.

Part of Assurant’s bad faith tactics meant to stall, delay and ultimately deny claims to avoid having to pay.

Stay tuned.