Saturday, January 7, 2023

Humberto Velez: A Complicit Participant in Assurant Insurance Company’s Bad Faith



Over the next few weeks I will be writing about and exposing the bad faith actions of Assurant Insurance Company, which is owned by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida.

Hopefully it can help you avoid what I’m going through with my claim after my home was burglarized.

At the very least, perhaps you won’t make the same mistake I made when looking for renters or homeowners insurance, and you will stay away from Assurant I surance Company which is owned by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida. 

Humberto Velez used to own a business, Remote Access Inc. along with his wife, Monica Velez.

A quick Google search shows the couple ran the business out of their home located at 220 Bunker Ct. in Alpharetta, Georgia.

That is until… well, let’s just say some questionable business practices forced the couple to dissolve their business in 2017.

Shortly after that, the failed business owner, Humberto Velez, whose current address is listed on Google as 9885 Lauren Hall Ct. in Alpharetta, Georgia, went to work as a pee-on Claims Examiner for Assurant Insurance Company, which is owned by American Bankers Insurance of Florida.

And as a Claims Examiner for Assurant, Humberto Velez  is trained to do three things.

STALL, DELAY, and DENY claims filed by insureds who pay Assurant to protect their personal belongings.

Velez is the fourth claims examiner assigned to my claim, after my apartment was burglarized on June 4, 2022.

That’s of course after Assurant lied to me, telling me that my first two claims examiners, Ms. Tiffany Wiggins and Jennifer Bolaños no longer worked for Assurant, and my third claims examiner Ms. Sabrina Johnson was abruptly removed from my claim.

That’s when Humberto Velez called me.

First, Humberto Velez acted like he empathized not only with my apartment having been burglarized, but also with my mom’s passing, just eight days after the burglary.

And I was stupid enough to fall for it.

I actually thought he cared.

After all, he promised me in that phone conversation that my claim would not be delayed any longer.

And I believed him.

And that’s when Humberto Velez’s lies began.

If you’ve been following my recent posts about my experience with Assuraht Insurance Company, then you know that after Assurant intentionally stalling and delaying my claim all in a bad faith attempt to avoid paying,, and after my having been extremely patient with Assurant, who has thus far completely refused to honor their duties , obligations and responsibilities to me the insured, per our contractual agreement for coverage, I finally decided to go public and  share my story.

As I’ve said in my previous posts, perhaps me sharing my story can help you avoid the same mistake that I made when I chose Assurant more than 6 years ago and trusted Assurant to protect my personal belongings.

Humberto Velez is truly a disgusting individual.

Anyone who knowingly and willingly participates in a corrupt insurance company’s bad faith scheme, well, is not only complicit in that company’s illegal bad faith behavior but is also the lowest of the lowest when it comes to despicable, disgusting individuals.

And that’s exactly what Humberto Velez is.

For at least the past four months, Humberto Velez has  repeatedly lied to me, and intentionally stalled my claim at the behest of his employer, Assurant.

From telling me he never received countless photo documentation of proof of ownership of my items that were stolen, even though I have proof that he did, to lying to me telling me that he would make sure my claim is resolved, Humberto Velez is a complicit participant in Assurant’s bad faith.

There comes a point where it’s not even about an insurance claim anymore.

A point where it’s not about money.

A point where it’s not about one being able to replace one’s property.

It’s about respect.

It’s about how Assuraht Insurance Company, one of the most corrupt insurance companies around, and its representatives, including Humberto Velez have treated me, during one of the hardest times for me and my family, with the loss of my mother.

There’s a certain line you just don’t cross.

I will continue to expose Assurant, their corrupt representatives and every single complicit participant  involved in Assurant’s bad faith.

Stay tuned.