Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Diabetic Man Suffers Multiple Facial Fractures after he is Beaten Unconscious by Rochester, NY Police officers

Eric Etenberg at Hospital
By Davy V.

Eric Etenberg still can't believe what Rochester, NY Police officers Christopher Schreier, IBM # 2233, and another unidentified officer did to him on his own property.

Saturday night, around 11:30 pm, attempting to help a close friend who had been sexually assaulted, obtain a police report, Etenberg called 911 and asked for officers to respond to his Highland Avenue home.

"As soon as they arrived, you could tell that they were really agitated," said Etenberg.

According to Etenberg, who was standing in his garage with the two officers, and his fiancée, after seeing that officer Schreier and the second RPD officer refused to take a report, Etenberg asked the officers to leave his property.

That's when Etenberg says officer Schreier and his partner became enraged, began yelling at him, then grabbed him, throwing him on the cement floor of his garage.

"The officers jumped on top of Eric and began punching him in the face and head with closed fists," Eric's fiancée explained to me as we stood inside the garage, as she and Eric pointed out the dried blood on the cement floor.

"They were both punching me, and after a while I just blacked out," said Eric.

Etenberg's fiancée then showed me how the officers dragged Eric about 50 feet to the curb, which still has dried blood on it as you can see in the photo to the right.

Eric Etenberg's fiancée says as the officers were beating him, Eric's father arrived at the home, and officer Schreier and the second officer taunted the older Etenberg.

Eric Etenberg's blood on his garage floor.
"They dared him to step in as they were beating him, " said the fiancée, whose name I have decided not to publish for her fear of retaliation by Rochester Police.

Etenberg's blood still remains on Highland Ave. curb
Eric, barely able to talk because of the injuries to his face, then showed me more blood, which by now had seeped into the pavement on Highland Avenue.

"Imagine if during the bearing they gave me, they had ripped out my insulin needle," said Etenberg who is a diabetic and has to wear an insulin pump.

Etenberg was rushed to Strong Memorial Hospital by ambulance, lights and siren on, where he was treated for injuries which include the following fractures to his face:

Dried blood on Highland Avenue.
Maxillary sinus fracture.

Fracture of the lateral wall of orbit.

Eric Etenberg's insulin pump.
Fracture of inferior orbital wall.

Zygomatic fracture.

Corneal abrasion.

Head contusions.

Etenberg said he has to meet with a team of doctors who will plan reconstructive surgery.

After the vicious beating, Rochester Police officer Christopher Schrieer charged Etenberg with 2nd degree aggravated harassment, and resisting arrest.

For the past 18-plus years, I have been exposing the Rochester, NY Police department's long history of misconduct, abuse, corruption, and in some cases even murder of innocent citizens.

For the last year, I have been working on my book, which will chronicle the Rochester, NY Police department's history of abuse and corruption for the past 50-plus years,.

My book is nearing completion.

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