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Rochester, NY News 10NBC Reporter Joangel Concepcion Violates Journalism Code of Ethics with her Attempt to Call Me Out on Twitter, then 'Follows' Individual Who has Been Stalking My Children!

Rochester, NY News 10NBC reporter
Joangel Concepcion
By Davy V.

Those who know me from my work as an activist, writer and blogger exposing police misconduct and corruption in my hometown of Rochester, NY, know that I'm just as passionate about exposing mainstream, or should I say, LAME STREAM news media in the ROC, (for those not from Rochester, ROC is short for my city).

Like we Cubans, and many other Latinos say, "No tengo pelo en la lengua", or, for the non-Latino readers, "I don't have hair on my tongue", meaning the words flow out quite smoothly, whether from my mouth, or sitting here typing them on a virtual keyboard.

Simply put, will not hesitate nor stop exposing misconduct, corruption, double standards, or hypocrisy.

You may ask, so what's your beef with mainstream news media Davy V.?

Let me explain.

For years I have been talking about Rochester's corporate-America run, mainstream news media's, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" relationship with local law enforcement.

You see, these Rochester news media outlets depend on law enforcement, in order to do their daily jobs.

They CAN NOT function without the tips, leads, and scraps of information that local law enforcement agencies from Rochester and surrounding area feeds them every day.

Therefore, these same so-called media outlet 'professionals', are very careful when reporting anything which shows law enforcement in a negative light.

And IF and WHEN, they do report ANY stories involving ANY alleged incident of police misconduct, abuse, or corruption, you can bet the farm that they will ALWAYS do so in the most careful, treading on thin ice, cautious way possible!

Again, making sure they DON'T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS THEM!

Therefore since I have made it a mission to expose this common practice involving mainstream news media, not surprisingly, certain Rochester 'media professionals' are not too happy.

Now let me be clear here.

There are a select few who I do respect.

These include Rochester Democrat and Chronicle newspaper reporters Gary Craig, Gary McClendon, Victoria Freile, Meaghan McDermott, and WHAM 13 News reporter Sean Carroll.

I consider these folks to be true media professionals.

Others, not so much.

Take, for example, Rochester News10NBC reporter Joangel Concepcion.

A native of Miami, Florida (my adopted hometown), Concepcion, a former bartender, who in a recent interview admitted that she passed up several "full-paid scholarships" to continue serving alcohol, is best known for a viral internet video which shows her going from fixing her hair while taping on-location, to dodging gunshots, (see video below), joined Rochester's NBC affiliate in 2012.

As a Latino, I recall feeling proud that my hometown finally had a fellow Latina reporting the 'news'.

I remember thinking that maybe, just maybe, Concepcion, not only being Latina, but also being an outsider, would come to Rochester with a much needed, fresh new approach to again, what I refer to as Rochester's LAMESTREAM news media presence.

Suffice it to say, I was wrong.

On Monday, in response to my recent blogs about Rochester mayor-elect Lovely Warren, whom I have openly criticized for her refusal to denounce police misconduct and corruption during her tenure as City Council president, I received back to back twitter alerts notifying me of some very interesting 'tweets' which Joangel Concepcion had tweeted about me.

JoAngel Concepcion's tweets.
As you can see in the screenshot photos to the right, in Concepcion writes, "@DavyVara You aren't exposing anything & if you think you could do a better job then why didn't you run for mayor?!"

Concepcion then immediately tweeted a second tweet which reads: "@DavyVara Lovely Warren isn't even mayor yet & you are constantly attacking her. You spew statistics as if she doesn't know about it"

Now, at first look, Joangel Concepcion's 'tweets' may seem innocent, right?

I mean you yourself may ask, ok what's the problem here Davy, are you saying the woman doesn't have a right to tweet?

No, I'm not saying that at all.

I would never stoop to the same hypocritical, double standard levels which I criticize others of doing.

But this is different.

Let me explain.

First, let me explain how my work differs from Joangel Concepcion's, or ANY OTHER corporate-America mainstream news media reporter.

One of the biggest misconceptions that many (my stalkers, critics, and naysayers) have about me is that I'm part of 'mainstream media'.

I'm constantly LMAO, literally, whenever I come across some random comment saying I'm a wannabe journalist, or I'm not "real media", and one of my all-time favorites, "Davy V. is not media, he has no right to do what he does."



First of all let's clear a few things up.

I'm an activist.

I'm a writer.

I'm a blogger.

But perhaps most importantly, I'm independent.

I am not part of any 'mainstream news media'.

I am not part of 'Corporate-America' sponsored media outlets.

I am not paid by any 'mainstream news media organizations'.

Again, I am independent.

No one can buy me.

No one can pay me off.

As you can see, neither I, or my work, has anything in common with mainstream, Corporate-America reporters such as Joangel Concepcion.

Joangel Concepcion is a part of Corporate-America run mainstream news media.

Don't believe me?

Just take a look at the stylish (NOT!) L.L. Bean jackets that her, and many other mainstream news reporters not only in Rochester, but throughout the country don on air!

Nice huh?

Nothing like Corporate-America run news media accepting FREE jackets from a Corporate business like LL. Bean, in return for FREE ADVERTISING!

Joangel Concepcion is dependent on a corporate-America written paycheck.

And here's why her tweets were out of line.

Unlike me, Joangel Concepcion is bound by certain 'rules', commonly known as "Journalistic Code of Ethics".

And while I won't get the wide array that those ethics entail, I will get right to why Joangel Concepcion's tweets, and what she did later, as I will explain, were unethical and completely unprofessional.

First of all, while Joangel Concepcion certainly has the same right to free speech that I savor every day, her tweets are unprofessional and in very poor taste.

Usually, when we think of 'professional' mainstream news reporters and writers, a couple of words come to mind.



With her tweets, Joangel Concepcion proved two things.

She's biased, and she CAN NOT be objective.

And therefore, in my opinion, she's violating her very own profession's Journalism Code of Ethics.

In other words, Joangel Concepcion is unethical.

And I guarantee you that her employer, News 10NBC is not happy with her, especially for the following reason.

Whenever a member of any media organization creates a social media account, in this case, twitter, a true professional will place a disclaimer on their profile info., in order to clearly differentiate their own views and opinions from that of their employer's. 

Usually this disclaimer will read something along the lines of "The views and comments here are my own, and not represent my (employer).

Joangel Concepcion's twitter page DOES NOT have that. (But I'm willing to bet she will edit het twitter profile after reading this!)

But perhaps more disturbing than a couple of seemingly innocent tweets that Joangel Concepcion tweeted in an attempt to take shots at me for my criticizing her friend Lovely Warren, is what she did shortly after her initial tweets.
Justin Bainter

Those of you who follow my work, and this blog, will know the name Justin Bainter.

He's the individual, who, since last February, has been obsessed with me and my work, so much so that this disturbed individual, who professes his affiliation with members of the Rochester, NY Police department, has stalked my minor children at their elementary school, posted photos of my minor children, including my 4-year old daughter on the internet, and most recently, was standing outside a grocery store waiting for me to exit the store, where he threatened my life. 

Joangel Concepcion thanks Justin Bainter on her twitter page.
I have written extensively about this individual, even posting some of the more than 150 screenshots of his disturbing comments, threats, and obsessed stalking behavior.

I also exposed how Rochester, NY mayor-elect Lovely Warren was actually 'following' Justin Bainter on twitter!

Of course, almost immediately after I wrote about Lovely Warren 'following' Justin Bainter, she made sure to 'unfollow' him!

But not before I was able to grab some great screenshots like the one on the right where Justin Bainter thanks Lovely Warren for following him!

Rochester, NY mayor-elect
Lovely Warren

Just like that Master Card commercial.


And now, I wish I could say that what News 10NBC's Joangel Concepcion did is also priceless, but I can't.

Because it's disgusting.

Joangel Concepcion is now following Justin Bainter, at his new twitter page, "@devdesignz".

Justin Bainter thanks Rochester, NY mayor-elect
Lovely Warren for 'following' him on twitter
I don't know about you, but I question any so-called 'professional journalist' who would not only violate her profession's own ethical code, but then turns around and 'follows' a disturbed individual and child stalker.

Check out the photos below, as well as the viral video of Joangel Concepcion, or "fearless reporter" as she describes herself on her twitter page, dodging gunshots in Texas!

One of Justin Bainter's most telling posts where he writes "get used to seeing me over there by the school, now I know where to find you..."
referring to his stalking my minor children at their school.

One of the many screenshots I have of Justin Bainter's posts

Another posting from Justin Bainter,
the individual News 10NBC reporter Joangel Concepcion 'follows' on twitter!

Justin Bainter shooting his .45

Disturbing, racist post posted by Justin Bainter on his facebook page
comparing African-American women to hippos.

The "Fearless reporter" Joangel Concepcion terrified dodging gunshots in Texas!

Click Play below to watch video of Joangel Concepcion, or "fearless reporter" as she describes herself on her twitter page, dodging gunshots in Texas!

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