Thursday, April 2, 2015

NYPD Detective Patrick Cherry Should be Fired After his Angry, Power Trip, Bias-Fueled Rant Towards Immigrant Driver

NYPD Detective Patrick Cherry Yells at Driver
Photo Credit: Sanjay Seth


In a half ass apology, NYPD Detectve Patrick Cherry says he's sorry for his angry, bias-fueled rant against an Uber driver in New York's West Village.

The incident which was recorded on video has received more than 3 Million hits on YouTube.

Cherry says the video doesn't capture what actually happened, saying that the driver was gesturing with his hands when the was trying to park his car, and that the driver refused to hand ver his driver's license.

 "My intention was to be courteous and then we got into an argument," said Cherry.

"We got into an argument"?

It's clear on the video (which you can see below) that the driver was completely calm and respectful throughout the entire incident.

It's clear that NYPD Detective Patrick Cherry isn't truly sorry for his behavior.

He's just sorry he got caught.

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By Davy V.

Once again the power of video helps expose cops for what most of them truly are.

Power tripping, badge wearing, gun toting bullies.

That pretty much describes NYPD Detective Patrick Cherry, who went on a 3 1/2 minute angry, bias-fueled tirade Monday directed at an immigrant Uber car service driver, after the driver beeped his horn when Cherry was blocking traffic, and didn't use any blinkers when parking his car in typical "do as I say not as I do" above the law fashion.

Thankfully, Sanjay Seth, a smart passenger in the backseat recorded it all on his smartphone after Detective Cherry pulled the driver over in the West Village.

The video begins with the NYPD Detective Patrick Cherry, a member of the NYPD's Joint Terrorism Task Force, stationed in Manhattan's Federal Plaza,  leaning into the car, yelling at the driver in full drill Sgt. mode.

"You understand me?"

Even though he has done absolutely nothing wrong, the respectful, soft spoken driver repeatedly apologizes to the angry cop throughout the entire video.

"Stop it with your mouth, stop it with that bullshit, I don't know what fucking planet you think you're on right now!"

The irate cop then slams the driver's door of the car, before walking back to his car, which according to NYPD officials, does not belong to the department.

While he's gone, the passenger tells the driver that he has it all on video.

"Thank you so much," the driver replies.

Sanjay Seth and the other passenger then reassure the driver that he has done nothing wrong.

"This guy's just a dick," Seth says, addng, "He shouldn't be slamming your door, I think he's just on a power trip right now."

The irate cop returns and unleashes a hateful, hurtful bias filled rant.

"You're gonna let me fucking finish?"

"How long you been in this country?"

"The only reason you're not in in handcuffs and going to jail getting summonses in the precinct is because I have things to do, that's the only reason that's not happening, cause this isn't important enough to me, you're not important enough."

According to NYPD officials, Detective Patrick Cherry has been "reassigned."


He should be fired.

Click link below to watch video.

Uber Driver
Photo Credit: Sanjay Seth

Photo Credit: Sanjay Seth

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