Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Canandaigua, NY Police officer Nicole Kadien, Arrested and Charged with DWI

Canandaigua, NY Police officer Nicole Kadien
By Davy V.

On Friday November 23, 2012, Ontario County, NY Sheriff's deputies noticed a car driving erratic on North Main St., in Canandaigua, failing to keep right and not signaling to indicate lane change.

So, they pulled the vehicle over.

Behind the wheel was 28 year old Nicole Kadien, a Canandaigua, NY Police officer.

Deputies quickly determined Kadien was drunk.

They then arrested her and charged her with DWI.

Canandaigua, NY Police officer Nicole Kadien is just one more example of a disturbing double standard that exists, where those who take a sworn oath to uphold the law, end up breaking the law themselves.

I wonder how many DWI arrests officer Kadien has made in her approx. 8 year career with the CPD.

An even better question is how many times has officer Kadien got behind the wheel of a vehicle drunk, as hasn't been caught?

Canandaigua Police Chief Jon Welch said Kadien is on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation by his department.

I'm not sure if the Ontario County, NY Sheriff's deputies who pulled Kadien over knew she was a police officer before they arrested her, but if they did, then they deserve a hand for treating Kadien just like any other citizen, and for not giving her any preferential treatment or 'above the law' breaks simply because of her law enforcement background.

After calling the Canandaigua, NY Police department asking for comment on officer Nicole Kadien's DWI arrest, a receptionist revealed an interesting bit of information...

Apparently, there is a Sgt. Kadien who is the department's Public Information Officer, or "PIO."

A quick Google search of Sgt. Kadien, did show that Canandaigua Police do have a Sgt. Scott Kadien in their department.

When I asked the receptionist if there is any relation between the Sgt. Kadien and officer Nicole Kadien, it was clear she wanted to stay as far away from that question as possible.

Since NO media outlet in or around the Rochester, NY area has requested the booking photo of Canandaigua, NY Police officer Nicole Kadien, who was arrested on DWI charges Friday, November 23rd, I decided I would file a FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) request myself.

The way I look at it if a regular citizen, especially an African-American or Latino is arrested and charged with a crime, his or her mugshot is splattered throughout the television news channels and on the internet.

And so should Canandaigua, NY Police officer Nicole Kadien's mugshot.

So that everyone, but especially the good, hardworking, tax paying citizens of Canandaigua, NY can get a good look at officer Kadien's drunk face in her mugshot, and see just who they have on their police force...

A cop who broke the law by driving drunk, and in doing so, put innocent lives at risk.

UPDATE: Canandaigua, NY Police Chief Jon Welch "Disappointed" in officer Kadien.

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