Thursday, January 3, 2013

Nick Robare at Arraignment: "Can I punch you in the face?"

Nick Robare
By Davy V.

Nick Robare, the 18 year old from Greece, NY who participated in and posted a racist, bullying video on Facebook, targeting an African-American teen and a little girl who was murdered by her father, arrived at his arraignment Thursday afternoon in Greece Town Court, being carried by a young woman and appearing very happy.

That all changed when I asked Robare, who was flanked by several supporters including his father, why he made the video.

"Can I punch you in your face?" replied Robare as he hurriedly walked across the parking lot.

A few seconds later, a young woman accompanying Robare yelled at me "Do you have a problem? Why are you videotaping? Cause I will slap that shit out of you hand!"

A man who identified himself as Robare's father said his son is being "wrongfully accused."

In the video, which features Nick Robare, Amanda Farabella and her boyfriend Shawn Petrilli, both of 100 Whitman Rd. in Greece, features the teens using the word "nigger" throughout, as well as threatening Alex Hare.

The video begins with Petrilli looking into the camera and saying "Hope you like your fucking hoodie you nigger."

Apparently, the teens got a hold of a hoodie which 10 year old Noel Parcells had given to her friend Alex Hare, the African-American teen who is the target of the video.

On September 5, 2011, 10 year old Noel Parcells and her 3 year old half sister Mia were murdered by Noel's father in Lake George, NY.

On November 30, 2012 I broke the story of this incident.

I then contacted the Greece, NY Police department when Michelle Hare, Alex's mom had informed me that they had refused to do anything.

I then also contacted all of the news media outlets in Rochester, and they all said they were not interested in covering the story.

I continued to put pressure on the Greece Police department until they finally decided to charge Nicholas Robare with aggravated harassment for posting the video to Alex Hare's Facebook page.

On December 10, 2012 Rochester, NY media finally decided to cover the story.

Click Play to watch Video of Nick Robare arriving in court.

Part II Click Play to watch Shawn Petrilli and Amanda Farabella who came to support Nick Robare

Link to my original, November 30th blog, updated December 3rd.

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