Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rochester, NY Police Officer's Cruiser Gets Plowed In by City Plow Trucks

                        Photo by Davy V.

By Davy V.

Rochester, NY Police officers love parking anywhere.

Anywhere they want.

Anywhere they feel like it.

They're notorious for double parking, parking in fire lanes, and some will even park in handicapped parking spaces, not for any emergency, but all so that the officer doesn't have to walk too far to go into Dunkin' Donuts, to grab that manager's special donut and cup of coffee.

Others just park anywhere they want, just because they can, like Rochester Police Sgt. David Joseph does when he gets a sub at a Gates, NY Wegmans food market.

But it's not every day that one sees the Rochester Police Department's 'special parking privileges' backfire on them.

It's not every day.

Just yesterday.

You see that's exactly what happened to the Rochester, NY cop shown in the photo above, digging his police cruiser out from over 2 feet of snow, Tuesday, after a City of Rochester plow truck buried it after a snow storm.

The RPD's special parking privileges backfired on this officer.

What's interesting here is that City of Rochester plow trucks are well aware that this is a police parking zone, and they could have pulled their plows up and not block this RPD cruiser in.

Or they could have simply just gone around it.

But they didn't.

Instead they buried it in snow.


This officer parked his cruiser in a "RESERVED FOR POLICE VEHICLES" parking zone across from the Public Safety Building in downtown Rochester.

So much for convenient curbside parking with a short walk to work, huh officer?

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