Sunday, June 14, 2015

Would You Like Some Mold and Algae with Your Wash? You Can Get it at Clean-O-Rama in Henrietta, NY

Clean-O-Rama Laundromat 345 Jefferson Rd., Henrietta, NY

By Davy V.

Those who know me know that I'm a clean freak.

I obsess about cleanliness.

Not only in my home, but also when I patronize a business.

Whether it be a restaurant, grocery store, or movie theatre, I'm that one person who will not hesitate to demand good, clean service for my money.

Well, you can now add laundromats to that list.

Here's the story.

Sunday afternoon I dragged three bags of laundry, which included my heavy comforter, to my favorite laundromat.

When I got there it was jam packed.

Not surprising really, on a Sunday, when many folks are washing.

Not wanting to wait, I decided to hit up a laundromat in Henrietta, NY, a suburb of Rochester.

Clean O-Rama.

In a minute you'll see just why that name is ironic.

Anyways, I get there, and quickly load up a few washers with my clothes.

Usually I'm very observant, but since I had already wasted time driving to my favorite spot, only for it to be full, then spent another 20 minutes driving to a second laundromat, I quickly took the washers that were available.

Bad move.

After loading my clothes in two washers and dropping 18 queaters in each machine, I couldn't believe what I saw.

Now I don't know about you, but I'm the type that likes to look at my clothes spinning in the white sudsy water.


I wil stand, or sit in front of the washer and stare at my clothes as they wash.

And yes, in case you're wondering, I do the same thing when my clothes are spinning in the dryer.

So what did I see?

Mold and algae.

Growing on the inside of the washer door, of one of the washers I was using.

And let me be clear.

The water in which my clothes were washing in, was also circulating through the mold.

And the algae,

In other words, my clothes were washing in mold and algae.

And that wasn't the only washer with mold and algae growing inside.

I counted at least 5 others.

I immediately told an employee, who downplayed it, telling me that the machines are wiped down every day.


I've seen less algae in a 109 gallon fish tank.

Only after I demanded my $4.50 back, did the woman give me a refund.

Of course that was after she first offered me a piece of paper and a pen and had the nerve to tel me that I could leave the owner a note.

A note?

I don't think so.

Besides, what would it say?

"Dear sir or ma'm, your laundry is disgusting, I washed my clothes in your machine which is growing a certain strain of mold and algae, thanks."

I ended up having to do my wash over in a mold and algae free machine I was able to find.

There's nothing clean about Clean-O-Rama located at 345 Jefferson Rd. in Henrietta, NY.

The place is a dump.

Oh yeah, I wouldn't think of buying a soda at their vending machine either.

Check out the photo I took.

Those are used, cans and bottles that they use as selection displays.

Mold and Algae growing inside washing machines at Clean-O-Rama in Henrietta, NY

Mold and Algae growing inside washing machines at Clean-O-Rama in Henrietta, NY

Soda machine at Clean-O-Rama laundromat in Henrietta, NY
Those are used soda cans and water bottle for selection displays.

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