Friday, November 18, 2016

Rochester, NY Police Department Mocks African-Americans in Mannequin Challenge Video


Rochester, NY Police officer Arrests Black Young Woman in Mannequin Challenge Video 

By Davy V.

Rochester, NY Police Department:

Look, I get it.

You are so desperately seeking the trust and acceptance of Rochester's minority community.

You know, Black, Latino.

The very same community which you have racially profiled.




The very same community whose women you have beaten.

Sometimes pregnant women.

Others, you've beaten in front of their young children.

The same community your police officers have referrred to as "animals."

Over the years, you've tried  just about everything in order to gain the trust, and acceptance of the black and Latino community.

Like the time you plastered billboards throughout the city, with the words "We've Got Your Back."


We don't trust you in front of us.

What makes you think we trust you behind us?

Or how about your "Fishing with a cop" trips where your officers took our children fishing to the contaminated Genesee River.

Another fail.

We don't trust your officers with our children on land, what the fuck would make you think we'd trust your officers with our children near the water?

And now, your latest one.

Having your officers pose in the newest internet craze.

The mannequin challenge.

Another fail.

The mannequin challenge video below shows one of your police officers, participating in a mannequin challenge on Jefferson Ave., on Rochester's west side. 

As the camera shot moves to a parking lot, one of your cops, officer Santiago, is seen standing next to his cruiser, arresting a black female, who is leaning against the police car.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Is that all your officers think of when you get around blacks or Latinos?

Of arresting them, and locking them up?

How original.

You have trained your cops, even minority officers, are and conditioned them to think the very worst of us.

So much so, that they can't even partake in a video without depicting us in a negative, criminal fashion.


Against one of your cruisers.


Your officer could have participated in the mannequin challenge video in so many different ways.

But instead he chose the easiest.

The most common.

The most stereotypical.

Arresting a young black female.

You know, in a textbook example of Frieudanism, it's very telling how you think of us.


Even sadder perhaps, is that our own youth, the ones in the video, and the ones who have watched it over and over, don't realize the implied message by your officer and your department when it comes to how you feel about us.


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