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White Privilege in Rochester, NY; Martin Macdonald Receives Slap on Wrist after Pleading Guilty to Assaulting 15-Year Old Black Autistic Youth


Martin Macdonald 


Martin Macdonald, the Pittsford, NY man who assaulted an autistic teen in Rochester, NY was sentenced Tuesday afternoon in Rochester City Court.

Macdonald was sentenced to three years probation, and 80 hours of community service.

The judge also issued a 5-year no contact order of protection.

By Davy V.

Martin Macdonald, the white Pittsford, NY man who assaulted a black 15-year old Autistic youth in Rochester, NY last month, pleaded guilty Thursday in Rochester City Court to harassment in the second degree and endangering the welfare of a child.

Macdonald got a slap on the wrist.

No jail time.

Of course, it shouldn't really come as a surprise, considering that from the beginning, Macdonald was treated differently, than say, a black or Latino defendant.

On October 14th, 15-year old Chase Coleman, who is nonverbal autistic, was running in a marathon in Rochester's Cobbs Hill Park when he became lost and confused.

That's when 57-year old Martin Macdonald got out of his vehicle and assaulted Chase, pushing the youth to the ground and yelling st him as several people witnessed the attack.

Macdonald would later tell a Monroe County Sheriff Deputy that he thought the autistic youth was going to steal his wife's purse.

This is where Macdonald's white privilege kicked in.

The Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Office, who patrols the affluent town of Pittsford, NY, where Macdonald lives, refused to arrrst Macdonald.

Despite his having admitted to assaulting a minor.

Despite there having been several witnesses to that assault.

Instead, the Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Department let Macdonald go on his way.

White privilege.

In fact, the Monroe County Sheriff Deputy who interviewed Macdonald, didn't even file his "report", he instead threw it in a drawer in his desk, and forgot about it.

Enter the Rochester, NY Police Department, the law enforcement agency who has jurisdiction over Cobbs Hill Park, where the attack on Chase Coleman took place.

The Rochester, NY Police Department did a sloppy job first by in essence rewriting a police report from the original Monroe County, NY Sheriff Deputy's report, and then failing to obtain signed statements from Chase Coleman's mother, to submit to a judge in order to obtain a warrant.

This resulted in Rochester, NY City Court Judge Caroline Morrison refusing to issue a warrant for Martin Macdonald's arrest.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, to October 31st, and ONLY after Chase Coleman's mother takes to social media to vent her frustration with how the case has been mishandled, ONLY THEN, does the Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Department pull that "report" that was thrown in that desk drawer, and ONLY THEN, do they officially file it.

Only after the case starts getting attention.

But be clear-- NO ONE in Rochester's criminal "justice" system had ANY intention up to this point, of doing ANYTHING with Martin Macdonald.

They were ready to treat it as a simple misunderstanding.


Finally, more than two weeks after Michael
Macdonald attacked an innocent black autistic child who did absolutely nothing wrong other than getting lost in a race he was running, a warrant was issued for Macdonald's arrest.

But even then, Macdonald was never arrested.

(White privilege)

In other words, he never got to see handcuffs placed on his hands.

Like he should have.

(White privilege)

And Martin Macdonald never saw the back of a police cruiser seat.

Like he should have.

(White privilege)

Instead, Martin Macdonald was extended the convenience and courtesy of waiting til he was good and ready to turn himself in, with his attorney.

(White privilege)

And even when he finally decided he was ready to turn himself in to Rochester Police, Martin Macdonald never really got to sit in jail.

Because he was extended the courtesy of posting $500 bail.

(White privilege)

As you can see in the video link below, when Martin Macdonald appeared in Rochester City Court for his arraignment, he stared me and Rochester news reporters down.

In fact, Martin Macdonald seemed to have a certain smirk on his face when I asked him if he was a racist, and when I asked him if he would have attacked Chase Coleman had Coleman been a white teenager.

Martin Macdonald pleaded guilty yesterday and received a slap on the wrist.

No jail time.

Not even a day.

(White privilege)

He'll do a few hours of "community service" which usually involves showing up to a park, and raking some leaves.

And he'll attend a couple of "anger management"

That's it.

Martin Macdonald never even apologized to Chase Coleman, who after being attacked in the park by a total stranger, turned in his uniform to his running coach, and quit.


Rochester, NY City Court Judge Ellen Yacknin 

Rochester, NY City Court Judge Ellen Yacknin, who took over the case after Judge Caroline Morrison recused herself, could have given Chase Macdonald justice.

Or the closest thing to some "justice."

Judge Ellen Yacknin could have sentenced Martin Macdonald to 15 days in jail, the maximum allowed in New York State on the second degree harassment charge alone, not to mention Judge Yacknin could have also sentenced Macdonald to additional jails time for the endangering the welfare of a child charge, had she wanted.

But she didn't.

Instead Judge Yacknin gave Martin Macdonald a slap on the wrist.

And he'll more than likely rake some leaves at some Rochester, NY park.

Let's hope he doesn't attack any more innocent black children while at the park.

And there you have it.

White privilege in Rochester, NY.



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